Nov 18, 2008 THREE DAY BLOWOUT is having an AMAZING three day sale - from now until Thursday Nov 20th, you get 80% off your purchase by using the code SURPRISE at checkout! That's a $25 gift certificate for TWO DOLLARS.

These make great gifts - we bought a bunch for the adult couples this year because they were so cheap! Once you purchase your gift certificates, you will have them loaded on your account. From there you can print them out or email them - I prefer to print them out on light cardstock. The system will keep track of when they are used. There are participating restaurants all over the country, making this a great gift option for out-of-town friends and family. A few things to be aware of:

- Be sure to read the restrictions. Some restaurants have minimum food purchases before you can use the certificates, some restrict the time of day they can be used.
- Some restaurants limit the amount of GC's they offer through, so buy early before they run out!
- Be willing to look for places that are a little bit further area only has two restaurants participating, but if I'm willing to drive about 40 minutes in any direction, I can find TONS more...and at these prices it is worth the drive!

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