Nov 15, 2008

My Shaw's haul!

I have been waiting TWO WEEKS to write this post, and let me tell you it makes me giddy just thinking about reliving this shopping experience with you :) It's a sad (silly) day when looking over my grocery receipts cause my heart to race....

Last week I hit HUGE at Shaw's. The situation at Shaw's was really a perfect storm of sorts - the week previous I had done REALLY well with a General Mills promotion (see this post over at The "Cents"ible Sawyer) that gave you $15 off your next transaction Catalinas for spending $30 on selected items. My store gave out several $5 Catalinas instead of one big one, so I actually made out better because I could use them in multiple transactions.

My lesson learned for this shopping trip:
1. If you have multiple transactions, do your best to go to the store at off-hours or pick a line that isn't too long. Courtesy towards your fellow shoppers goes a long way :)
2. Organize your transactions and coupons BEFORE you get in line. I had five transactions and I pulled my cart over before hitting the registers to organize. Result - I only spent an extra minute in line vs if I had done it all in one lump.
3. Don't be afraid of cashiers who get snippy about processing multiple transactions. YES you can break your transaction down. NO you do not have to leave and get back in line for each one. YES the manager will back you up on this.

Now on to the good stuff :)

I had about $30 in Catalinas going into this trip, plus printable and circular coupons

Transaction #1
4 1-lb packages of store brand butter (on sale $1.88 each)
used one $5 off catalina
total OOP: $2.52**total saved: $9.44

2 Bottom Round beef roasts (on sale $1.99/lb) - total 5 lbs
used one $5 off catalina
total OOP: $5.30**total saved: $16.41

Transaction #3
12 Birds Eye frozen vegetable boxes (on sale for $1 each)
used one $5 off catalina
used four $1 off Birds Eye manufacturers coupon

total OOP: $3.00**total saved: $20.34

Transaction #4
6 Campbells Select soups (on sale for $1 each)
4 Coffeemate flavored creamers (on sale 2/$3)
1 Columbo plain yogurt 32oz (on sale for $2.19)
used one $5 off catalina
used two $1 off Campbell's Select coupons
used four CoffeeMate coupons (2-$1.50 mfr, 1-$1 mfr, 1-$1 store)
used one $0.50 Columbo coupon (doubled)
total OOP: $1.19**total saved $27.54

Transaction #5
2 Spice Island spices (on sale $1.50 off)
used one $5 off catalina
used one $1/2 blinkie

total OOP: $2.98**total saved: $9.00



On The Verge said...

Wow! What a great job! I wish we had a Shaw's here in Illinois!

Cherie said...

Just wanted to let you know that I updated my site with your button and I absolutely LOVE the new design!