Nov 20, 2008

MomDot Blog Party - Day 7

Lucky DAY SEVEN at the MomDot Blog Party!

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Day 7 - Who's on your naughty list? Who's on your nice list? Why?

On the naughty list? One of the managers at work. You don't need to like me, but you do need to treat me like a professional...instead I am faced with a situation that feels more like the girls locker room in high school than a medical unit at a major area hospital. So not cool. The good news, her boss's boss likes me, so she can just get on my nerves and not much more.

On the nice list....that's a tough one. The Boy Wonder, obviously because he's the most awesome little guy. My Mother-in-law for being the amazing, caring, generous woman that she is. My own mom passed away 10 years ago, and my MIL has taken up the gauntlet and treats me like one of her own kids. She even kinda reminds me of my mom :) My bestest best friends, for putting up with me for the last 20 (what???) years. We still have tough roads to travel, but we are doing it together! My husband, for being willing to put up with me for the REST of his NATURAL LIFE. That is one brave dude :) My landlords, because they are the BEST landlords ever...I've never rented from anyone who gave ME a Christmas gift. Or been willing to drive out and unclog my sink on a Sunday morning. And my Daddy....we haven't always had the best relationship, after Mom passed away he put a lot of his hurt and anger on me because I look just like her. I prayed for years that we would reconcile. God gave me patience to wait for the right moment to open up communication again. We are now closer than ever, and THAT is one of the best gifts I will ever receive.


Tena said...

sorry you are having to deal with HS drama from your manger! Real mature!
I love that your MIL is on your nice list, that is a rare treat!

Proud Mommy said...

What a great MIL. It's good to have a short naughty list.

Kelli said...

So nice to hear of a good MIL!!!! That's rare these days!

Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

Oh yes, the high school drama at work. Been there. Done that. It sucks. At least you have a wonderful nice list.

Staci said...

I'm glad to hear you and your dad were able to make things work between the two of you.

It seems that no matter where we work, there's always high school drama.

Trish said...

I hate adult drama! I love your new layout! It looks great!

Tracye said...

i'm a sahm, but i've been around my share of the workplace drama.

i left teaching at a private school (don't judge the lower-case; i'm just lazy!) that was the absolute best environment i've ever worked in. NONE of the ladies did that kind of junk to each other.

Erin Tales said... sounds like you are surrounded by many wonderful people.

Momstart said...

You do need to be treated like a professional. Hmmmm. Naughty list indeed.

And I was reading one of your other posts, I can't keep up with my other blogging. I had to make a list today of what I MUST blog about before Thanksgiving hits us. blah!