Nov 28, 2008

Black Friday at CVS

I don't usually do anything with Black Friday shopping, I just don't have the patience for the mad rush of it all. But CVS's Black Friday sale started ON Thanksgiving, and there happened to be a 24 hour CVS on the way home from my Dad's house, so I figured I'd see what I could do. I was pretty proud - I knew what I'd buy but didn't really plan out the transactions until I got to the register!

Here's how the transactions went down:

Transaction #1
1 Energizer Max 16 pack AA batteries $10
1 Energizer Max 16 pack AAA batteries $10
1 20 oz Pepsi $1.59 (hubby was thirsty and waiting patiently in the car!)
used: $5/$25 coupon - the kid at the register put it through even though I didn't quite make $25
used: $6.98 ECB's

Total OOP: $10.06--Total ECBs $10.00

Transaction #2
1 Aussie shampoo $2.99
1 Aussie conditioner $2.99
2 BIC Soleil razors $5.99 each
used 1 Aussie coupon $1.00
used 2 Bic Soleil coupons $3.00 each
Used $10 ECBs

Total OOP: $1.01--Total ECBs $17.96 (11.98 from the razors, $5.98 from the Aussie products)

Transaction #3
1 Cover Girl Smoothers Pressed Powder $5.99
1 Cover Girl Smoothers foundation $7.99
1 Garnier Nutritioniste cleansing towelettes $5.99
2 Hershey bars 2/$1.00
used 2 Cover Girl coupons $1.00 each
used 1 Garnier skincare coupon $1.00
Used $17.96 ECBs

Total OOP would have been $0.01 but the kid at the register was so excited for me, he grabbed a penny out of the give one, take one dish---Total ECB's $19.97

Grand Total OOP: $11.07
Total saved: $59.72
ECBs to roll over $19.96
Total profit - $8.89

I could have done even better, I had a couple of Energizer coupons at home that were on the kitchen table instead of in my binder, and I only had 1 Aussie coupon because I didn't buy an extra paper that week. This sale runs through Saturday, and then we're into the new sales flyer and December ECB deals!! Yay!


Erin Tales said...

I swear, I need a mini you when I go shopping.

Your Buzz went up at OMG - and I have been sick so I forgot it was scheduled and I woke up and saw the OLD LINK AND BUTTON! OMG! So I had to fix it with medicine head. LMAO. Now where is my mission impossible music!

Off to feed kiddos and do some shopping!

Kelly said...

can i take you with me when i go shopping? LOL! seriously, the ECBs make me want to shop at CVS all the time!