Nov 18, 2008

MomDot Blog Party - Day 5

Welcome to DAY 5 at MomDot's Blog Party! Today's Sponsors are: BabyPop Designs (Superhero capes and other sweet kids' apparel) and Chic Covers (seat covers, cart covers and more!)

Day 5 - Do you volunteer during the Holidays? What organizations do you donate your time to? How do you teach your children the true meaning of the holidays?

I have often been overcommitted. I love volunteering for things, and offer to help any chance I get. Before we moved, I was hands-on in just about every activity my old church offered up. I've cut back considerably, mostly because we moved and I only recently found a church that I was happy with, so I'm still figuring out the inner dynamics there.

But as good as I usually am with donating my time during the year, holidays seem to hold me back more than they drive me. Schedules are crazy, the whole season is a frantic one, and things like volunteering fall to the wayside when I feel like I barely have enough time to breathe. Right now, we donate presents to Toys For Tots and Angel Tree Ministries, and we make a monetary gift to Heifer International. I perform with my old worship team at the local Juvenile detention center and the Salvation Army recovery center. When the kids get older, we want to find a way to volunteer as a family, either with the local soup kitchen or Habitat for Humanity, but I think that's a ways off for us.

I hope that teaching my kids the true meaning of Christmas goes far beyond just the holiday season...the Boy Wonder is little now, but if I can foster a sense of appreciation for the blessings we have, and a spirit of giving ALL the time, I'll consider my efforts a success :)


Tracye said...

it's probably needed more throughout the year than at holidays... don't feel guilty about doing less at this time of the year! you're doing more than most people do in a lifetime!

Felicia said...

I think you are doing a great job! Sometimes it just takes putting your heart into one thing...I guess for me I feel like I have a hard time with saying I just keep telling myself that! LOL!

Amanda said...

I think you're on your way by volunteering all year!

Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

We always donate a gift from Heifer International in my parents name. That's what they want for their Christmas gift. We let Morgan pick out what animal and then write up her answer as to why she picked that one. It gets pretty funny.

Momstart said...

I agree, I love to say yes. I can do that. I'll help. I'll give. Holiday time is hard because everyone is busy.