Jan 28, 2010

TOT Thursday - Creative couponing

Sometimes we just can't live without a particular brand, or a certain food item. My brother-in-law is notorious for the fact that he can only stomach one specific brand of milk! But it is still possible to reduce your food budget and get the brands you love, and not just by purchasing the Sunday paper!

Get creative about where your coupons come from!

Everyone knows the Sunday paper carries coupons - usually two to three different circulars (Mommy Snacks has posted a 2010 Coupon Insert schedule if you want a heads up on how many there will be!). But your local paper is FAR from the only place you can pick up great coupons!

*Regional Papers - Don't just pick up your local paper if you live in suburbia. Often the paper for the nearest major city (Boston in my case) will carry more, or more comprehensive, coupon inserts. I noticed a while back that the Red Plum insert for my local paper was MUCH thinner than the Boston paper. And most big city papers will do Sunday-only deliveries straight to your door!

*Internet coupon sites - The internet is FULL of great places to pick up printable manufacturers coupons! My personal favorites (less advertisements to click through) are Coupons.com, Smartsource.com, and Redplum.com. They usually update the coupons available at the beginning of every month, and offer a limited quantity of high value or unusual coupons - so visiting them early is your best bet.

*Manufacturer websites - Have a favorite brand? Go straight to the source! Most food brands offer coupons right on their site, and many (like Pillsbury, Betty Crocker and Proctor & Gamble) have special websites that offer several coupons, newsletters and special deals. They are free to sign up with as well!

*Coupon clipping services - I'm just starting to explore this option, but I know many who use it regularly. The basic idea is that someone takes their time to find and clip out coupons, and charge a nominal "clipping fee" per item. You choose ONLY the coupons you will use, and purchase as many as you need. eBay has many coupon clippers, and websites like The Coupon Clippers, The Coupon Master and Coupon Clipping Crew specialize in the service. They are a great resource if you want many of the same item, but do require you to plan shopping well in advance to allow for shipping time.

*Friends, relatives, neighbors - Chances are good that in your circle of infulence, SOMEONE is throwing away coupons you need, and vice versa! Get a coupon swap going - let people know what you need and find out what they need, and trade around the horn when the circular comes out! Everyone benefits, and fewer coupons go to waste.

*Freecycle - It's a little unusual, but there are many times I've either posted or responded to a request on Freecycle for specific coupon, or unused coupon inserts. When I miss buying the paper I ALWAYS post on Freecycle, and I ususally get more than a few responses!

*Tear-pads in the store - They're in almost every aisle, those little tear-pads with coupons to entice you to try a new product. I don't advocate grabbing the whole pad - I will NEVER need 50 bottles of salad dressing - but take a few! They usually have long expiration dates, and will come in handy if the item goes on sale but there aren't other coupons available.

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Jan 27, 2010

Grocery trips - week 3 2010

We were a bit over budget last week (spent $66.83), but I'm still on track to hit the $200-250 mark for January - keep in mind, that includes diapers and formula! We didn't need much in the way of mealtime staples, but I did pick up some snacks and flavored creamer (my little indulgence) as well as some extras for the freezer since they were on sale :) I'm finding that doing the pantry challenge is making it REALLY easy to use the "extra" grocery money to restock...but then, that may just be how it works best for me.

I also hit up the Stop & Shop cat deal on Breakstone's cottage doubles that Wicked Cool Deals had posted about - not something I would normally buy but they've been nice to have!!

1 case (204) size 3 Luvs diapers - $24.99 (used $5 coupon from BJ's mailer)
51 oz BJ's brand formula - $16.99 (used $3 coupon from BJ's mailer)
1 gallon whole milk - $2.48 (cheaper than Price Rite now!)
3 lb sweet potatoes - $2.29 (for baby food)

Total: $46.75

Price Rite
Price Rite microwave popcorn 6-pk - $1.49
5lb flour - $1.49
1 can Price Rite beef gravy - $0.59
1 lb jar dry roasted peanuts - $1.99
Wheat bread - $1.19
2 32oz Coffeemate Italian Sweet cream - $4.98

Total: $11.73

Stop & Shop - 4 Transactions

5 Breakstone's Cottage Doubles - $5.00 ($1.25 store savings)

Total OOP: $5.00
got $5 off your next purchase (OYNP) catalina

5 Breakstone's Cottage Doubles - $5.00 ($1.25 store savings)
used $5 catalina)

Total OOP: $0.00
got $5 OYNP catalina

5 Breakstone's Cottage Doubles - $5.00 ($1.25 store savings)
used $5 catalina

Total OOP: $0.00
got $5 OYNP catalina

1.76 lb London Broil - $3.50 ($3.52 store savings)
1.81 lb London Broil - $3.60 ($3.62 store savings)
1.58 lb broccoli crowns - $1.25 ($1.58 store savings)
used $5 catalina

Total OOP: $3.35

Total: $8.35

This week I used $23 in coupons!
This week I got $8.72 in store savings!

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Jan 22, 2010

Nature's Peak fruit coupon winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered my Nature's Peak frozen fruit coupon giveaway! The winners are:

Evan and Brighid
Ashley's Allowance

Congrats to the winners! I hope you enjoy trying out some of the recipes you found! Winners have been emailed, and have 72hrs to confirm.

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Jan 20, 2010

Grocery trips - week 2 2010

Well this was the first week I participated in the Eat From the Pantry Challenge, and boy did it show! We spent a total of $35.33 but that included a case of diapers AND veggies to make into baby food! Even with the diapers I was under budget, but I know I'll need more paper goods before the end of the month.

1 case (150) size 5 Luvs diapers - $25.01 (used $5 coupon from BJ's Flyer)

Total: $25.01

Price Rite
1 loaf wheat bread - $1.19
3lb bag onions - $1.29
3.45 lb butternut squash - $3.07 (for baby food)
1 avocado - $0.99 (for baby food)
2 lb bag carrots - $1.09 (for baby food and cooking)
1 gal whole milk - $2.69

Total: $10.32

This week I used $5 in coupons!

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Jan 17, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Jan 18, '10

I hadn't planned on it, but it looks like I'm all in for the Eat from the Pantry Challenge! Last week we did GREAT with the menu plan, and my weekly grocery trip (including bulk diapers from BJ's) was under $40 - only $10 of that was spent on actual food! I'm trolling the depths of my pantry for this week's menu to see how far I can go.

I've got a HUNGRY 5 month old on my hands to boot - so a good chunk of last week's shopping was for fresh veggies for baby food! So far he's been doing GREAT with solid foods, eats his homemade baby oatmeal twice a day plus fruits and veggies! He's built big and solid, I'm starting to wonder if he'll be too heavy for the infant carrier before his 6 month checkup...it's a good thing he's so cute...


This week, aside from baby food making, I only have 5 meals to account for - hubby's rescheduled holiday party is Sunday, and Tuesday is MY BIRTHDAY! Woot! We got some gift cards for Christmas so we're going OUT. I have most of what I need for all the recipes, so I'm anticipating another super cheap shopping week!

Here's our table, don't forget to visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for more menus, recipes, and pantry challengers!

monday - Autumn Chowder, homemade breadsticks from the freezer ($4.26 for 6 servings)

tuesday - It's my birthday! It's my birthday! Date night :)

wednesday - Chinese Beef and Broccoli over rice ($5.20 for 4-6 servings)

thursday - Black Bean Quesadillas, sliced avocado ($3.50 for 4 servings)

friday - Homemade pizza, veggies ($3.45 for 6-8 servings)

saturday - Cabbage Roll Casserole leftovers from the freezer, leftover breadsticks - FREE!

Sunday - Hubby's work holiday party! Free!

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Trucchi's 2 day sale - 1/22-1/23

For my eastern MA readers, Trucchi's is having a 2 day sale with 7 featured items! Here are my picks:

Boneless chicken thighs - $1.29/lb (I'll be stocking up on these!)
Cabot butter 1lb - $1.98
Red Seedless Grapes - $1.69/lb
Swiss Miss cocoa - $0.98
Xtra Laundry Detergent 68oz - $1.98 (stock up!)
Utz Potato Chips - 2/$1 (stock up for your Superbowl parties)

Their Bottom Round Roast is also on sale for $1.99/lb, this makes great stew meat if you can get the butcher to cut it up for you!

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Shaws sale and coupon matchup 1/15-1/21

Not overly impressed with Shaw's sale this week, the meat prices weren't very impressive but you can pick up a few good deals with coupons! Here's what caught my eye...

Russet potatoes 5lb - $1.49
Navel Oranges - $0.88/lb

Shaw's frozen vegetables 16oz - $1
Bird's Eye SteamFresh veggies - 2/$3
use $1/3 coupon from 1/10 SS

Kelloggs pop tarts or cereal - $1.88
use $1/3 printable
use $1/2 cereal coupon from 12/13 RP
use $1/3 cereal coupon from 1/10 RP

Shaw's Giant Bread - $1

Prince Pasta - $1
Tutturosso Pasta Sauce 26oz - $1
Zatarain's Rice Mixes - $0.99
Campbells Condensed soups - 5/$5
use $1/4 printable

Swiss Miss cocoa mix - $1
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew - $1
Hood Ice Cream - $2.22
use $1/2 printable

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Stop and Shop sale and coupon matchup - 1/15-1/21

Wicked Cool Deals has posted about a Cat deal for FREE Breakstone's cottage cheese doubles - be sure to check out how she got 15 for FREE!

This week at Stop & Shop isn't spectacular, but there IS a P&G catalina deal as well as a few stock-up pantry and meat items. Don't forget to read my How-To post on Catalinas to get the most bang for your buck! Here are the deals that caught my eye, compiled with a little help from Hot Coupon World

**I haven't confirmed yet, but the meats marked "half price" include a "sold at" price - I believe this is AFTER the half price discount, not before***
Shoulder Steak for london broil - Half Price (My flyer says it'll be $1.99/lb)
Fresh boneless Tilapia filets - $4.99/lb
White Gem roasting chicken - $0.99/lb

Broccoli bunches or crowns - $0.79/lb
Seedless Clementines 5lb box - $4.88 (limit 2)

Kellogg's Cereals or Pop Tarts - 2/$4
use $1/3 printable
use $1/2 cereal coupon from 12/13 RP
use $1/3 cereal coupon from 1/10 RP

Mission Fajita Tortillas - 2/$4
use $1/1 coupon from 1/10 SS

Bagel Bites - 2/$4
use $1/1 printable

10 for $10:
Del Monte Vegetables
use $1/4 printable
Chobani Greek Yogurt
use Buy 2 Get 1 Free printable
Breakstone's Cottage Doubles
Bisquick Shake & Pour 5.1oz
Hunt's Tomatoes 28oz
Guaranteed Value Apple Juice 64 oz

P&G Deal (Spend $30, get $10 OYNO):
Bounty Paper Towels 8 roll - $10.00
Bounty Napkins - 4/$10
Bounty Basic Paper Towel 6pk - 2/$10
use $0.25/1 Bounty coupon from 12/27 PG (doubles)
Charmin Big Rolls 24 pk - $10.00
use $0.25/1 coupon from 12/27 PG (doubles)
Tide 2x Laundry Detergent - 2/$10
use $1/1 coupon from 12/27 PG
Bounce Fabric Softener sheets - 2/$10
use $0.25/1 coupon from 12/27 PG (doubles)
Puffs tissues 3pk - 2/$10
Downy Fabric Softener - 2/$10
use $0.50/1 coupon from 12/27 PG (doubles)
Duracell 16pk AA or AAA - $10
use $1/1 coupon from 12/13 RP and 1/17 PG
Pampers Jumbo Diapers - $10
use $2/1 coupon from 12/27 PG
Pampers Wipes - 4/$10
use $0.50/1 coupon from 12/27 PG (doubles)
Dawn Dish soap 10oz - 10/$10
use $0.25/1 coupon from 12/27 PG (doubles)
Crest Pro Health Rinse - 2/$10
Always Maxi Pads - 3/$10
Herbal Essences Hair Care - 3/$10
use $1/1 coupon from 12/27 PG

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Jan 16, 2010

Grocery trips - week 1 2010

OK - I know I'm a little late getting this started, but it's time to get the ball rolling on my weekly grocery tracking! For the week ending Jan 9, I made three stops and spent a total of $55.05 ($16.26 of that was on a WalMart gift card, not out of pocket). That's just slightly over the $50 per week I should be aiming for to stay on budget! I should mention, most of the items we got at Wal Mart are less expensive when I get them from Price Rite (I made notes below) - we only got them at WalMart because of the gift card. So had I done shopping as I normally would have, the total would have been right on target!

Wal Mart
(I made notes on what the Price Rite prices would be, since we'd have shopped there if it weren't for the gift card)
Gallon Great Value whole milk - $2.94 (Price rite: $2.79)
Great Value Peanut butter, 40oz - $3.48
Great Value Strawberry Preserves - $2.86 (Price Rite: $1.99)
Great Value raisins - $2.58
Great Value Brown Sugar - $1.44 (Price Rite: $0.99)
2 Swiss Miss cocoa - $2.00
Gerber stage 1 prunes - $0.96

Total: $16.26 ($0 out of pocket)

(Their Wacky Wednesday sale got me! I bought items to make freezer breakfast sandwiches, plus a few short-sale meat items!)
4 dozen large brown eggs - $5.16
9 packages Trucchi's english muffins - $3.00
4 lbs Plumrose bacon - $7.56
2.32 lbs bananas - $0.77
2 lbs sweet Italian sausage - $3.58

Total: $20.07

Price Rite
42oz canister PR quick oats - $1.79
10oz fresh mushrooms - $1.89
0.91lb broccoli crowns - $1.17
1.8lb zucchini - $1.42
1 bag celery - $1.69
2lb unsalted butter - $3.78
3lb bag frozen blueberries - $5.99
Dulce de Leche wafers - $0.99 (mommy's special treat!)

Total: $18.72

This week I shopped with NO coupons!

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Demystifying Catalina Deals

Catalinas...no, it's not a fancy salad dressing. It's the coupons that print when you get your receipt at the register. They are almost always tied into something that you bought - something similar to the item you did buy, something by the same company, and often a coupon for dollars off your next purchase because you met the terms of a deal.

How do I figure out whether a Catalina deal is worthwhile?

1. I CAREFULLY read the terms of the deal. How much do I have to spend? Is it before coupons or after coupons? Usually when a catalina deal says "spend X dollars and get X off your next purchase", the amount you spend is AFTER sale prices but BEFORE coupons. Check with your own store's policy if it's not clearly stated in the sales flyer.

2. I figure out how much the reward coupon is really worth. Is it 25% of what I have to spend? 30%? This helps me figure out what the ACTUAL final cost of everything will be. If the deal is "Spend $30, get $10 on your next purchase", that means the final cost of the items I need to buy will be 33% off the listed price. I actually go through the list of qualifying items, and write out what the final cost would be right on the flyer, which helps me determine if it's really a worthwhile deal.

3. I hunt down any coupons that stack with the sale. In the case of P&G catalina deals, this is usually pretty easy since the P&G coupon flyer runs every month. But check your internet sources too! And remember, most of the time the spending requirement is BEFORE coupons! I gather my coupons, and figure out what the after-catalina after-coupon price will be - and whether I'm ok paying that amount.

4. I make a list of everything I plan to buy, the sale price (not counting the catalina), and the face value of any coupons I have for that item. This is where it takes a little time to really set myself up for success. I actually make myself a list with 4 colums - item, how many I plan to buy, total I will be charged for them, and dollar value of coupons I have for them. This makes it easy to figure out which items I should buy, and in what order, to make the catalina deal work for me. Most of the time I end up with a list of two or three transactions' worth of items, so I try to get as close to the spending requirement without going TOO far over in each transaction. I total up the value of the coupons I have to use for each transaction. This tells me what order to do the transactions! I do the transaction with the highest coupon amount first, so I spend the least amount possible out of pocket first.

5. I get ORGANIZED before I hit the store. I separate my coupons and make my shopping list by transaction, so that when I get to the register it's easier on me AND the cashier. When doing multiple transactions, I know it'll take a little extra time so I streamline as much as I can. Cashier's are less likely to give you a hassle if you're better prepared too. ***NEVER LET A CASHIER TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN'T BREAK UP YOUR TRANSACTIONS!!!*** You can buy 10 items in 1 transaction, or in 10.

6. I use the catalinas as soon as I get them. I would rather do three transactions, and use up the catalinas on the spot, than hold onto them for later. This is a personal preference, I don't do much shopping at the stores who do catalinas, so if I wait the coupon will either get lost or expire before I can use it. That's as bad as losing cash! I use the first catalina on my 2nd transaction, the 2nd catalina on my 3rd transaction, etc. I save all non-catalina deal items for my last transaction, and usually only add on items that total the amount of the catalina. (my final transactions usually end up being under $1 out of pocket!)

A note: many people choose to "double dip" the catalina deals - that means if the spending requirement is $30, they'll do $60 worth of qualifying items and get double the catalinas. I prefer not to do it this way because 1)I like to use the catalinas right away and smaller amounts are better for me, and 2)sometimes the register won't let you and you'll only get one catalina! Then you've spent an extra amount of money without getting your full catalina reward. They CAN do this because the wording of the sale is usually "purchase a minimum" or "spend at least..". I'd rather not take the chance, so spending extra time separating my transactions is worth it to me.

I'd love to hear your Catalina successes, or tips that work for you to make the most of these deals!

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Giveaway extended!

Haven't yet entered my giveaway for TWO coupons for FREE Nature's Peak frozen fruit? My week got away from me and I didn't promote it as well as I usually do, so I've extended the deadline!

Contest will now close at 10PM EST on 1/21! Stop by and enter to win!

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Jan 13, 2010

80% off at Restaurant.com!

That's right - it's back! Restaurant.com is offering gift certificates at 80% off again! That means $25 GC for just $2, until 1/19!

Just visit Restaurant.com, choose the GC's you want, and enter the code INDULGE at checkout - the discount will apply to everything in your shopping cart. You can search by zip code or by region.

Be sure to read the fine print, as most restaurants place some restrictions on GC use. This is a great way to try out new restaurants without breaking the bank!

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Jan 11, 2010

TWO ArtsCow 8X10 canvas prints for $7.99 SHIPPED!

ArtsCow.com has started the year with another great deal!

From now until 1/31, get TWO 8X10 canvas prints for $7.99, shipping included! Just upload your photos, select your two canvas prints (same photo or two different ones), and use the coupon code B1F1CANVAS8X10 at checkout!

I used ArtsCow for photo books this Christmas and was very pleased with the quality - I'll be getting a nice canvas of each of my boys with it!

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Jan 10, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Jan 11, '09

So I've noticed a good number of folks are participating in the Eat from the Pantry Challenge put out there by Money Saving Mom and FishMama, and as luck would have it, we're currently in a position where eating from the pantry is becoming a necessity. My stockpile is good (thankfully!) and we had a few financial curveballs to start the year that created the need to tighten things up. This week I am attempting to plan completely out of the pantry - the only thing we *should* need is milk.

Last week went well, we had an unexpected night out of the house and were treated to some yummy chili at my sister-in-law's! Other than that we stuck to the menu - the Asian Pork Stew was good, but I think I need to tweak it a bit more before I include it in my recipe box. We have some leftovers, but not so many that I'm afraid to cook! I hit a CRAZY sale at Trucchi's this week and scored breakfast fixin's for SUPER CHEAP (try $0.33 packages of English muffins!) so I'll be making bacon egg & cheese muffins for the freezer - hooray for OAMC breakfast!

Here's our delve into the pantry - don't forget to visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for lots more menus and recipes!

monday - Homemade Pizza ($2.94 for 6-8 servings)

tuesday - Burgers on homemade buns, veggie, chips ($3.70 for 4 servings) **the dough will be made into enough buns for 2 dinners plus dinner rolls for later in the week

wednesday - Shredded BBQ chicken on homemade rolls, veggie ($2.90 for 4 servings)

thursday - Breakfast for dinner! Eggs, pancakes, fruit ($2.60 for 4 servings)

friday - Sausage and Penne Bake ($7.45 for 6-8 servings)

saturday - Leftovers - we're both working (free!)

sunday - Dinner at the in-laws! (free!)

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Jan 8, 2010

CLOSED - Nature's Peak Frozen Fruit - review and giveaway!

I LOVE fruit. It's why summer is one of my favorite times of year, and winter is by far my LEAST favorite! Frozen fruit has always been a go-to for me during the colder months, it tends to be comparably priced but much fresher than the shipped-in offerings in the produce section. When Mom Central offered to let me try out Nature's Peak frozen fruit, I was ready for it! I received the Sun Ripened Trio (a mix of peaches, strawberries and mango), and the Sunburst Mango to test out.

PhotobucketNature's Peak frozen fruits have no added sugar and are quick-frozen at the peak of ripeness for the best possible flavor. When I opened the bag, the fruit pieces were brightly colored and not pale from being picked too early or frozen incorrectly. The bags are resealable, which is a HUGE bonus - unless I'm going to use the whole bag in one sitting, I want to know that the bag will still protect my food!

I made a smoothie for myself from the Sun Ripened Trio, and it was SO convenient to be able to toss the ingredients together into my blender without having to chop, pit, and clean up! The smoothie was a yummy way to start the day, too! The Sunburst Mango had a great recipe for Mango Salsa right on the bag (their website has a recipe section if you're looking for new ways to incorporate frozen fruit into your meals!) but I actually used it for baby food! I pureed some of the mango chunks, mixed it with a little baby cereal to thicken it up, and my 5mo old LOVED it! I used both varieties as mix-ins for my homemade yogurt as well. It was so much easier to use than fresh fruit and I love not worrying about wasting fruit because we didn't eat it often enough, or having to buy something that's less-than-fresh because it's out of season.

Nature's Peak has mixed fruit blends in Berry Quartet, Paradise Fruit, Sun Ripened Trio and Summer Fruit Salad. They also have single-fruit varieties in Harvest Gold Pineapple, Country Strawberries, Cranberry Harvest, Ruby Raspberries, Sunburst Mango and Wild Blueberries. They are currently available in the following areas:
Florida (All Regions)
New England (All Regions)
New Jersey (All Regions)
Maryland (All Regions)
Virginia (All Regions)
Washington (Seattle Area)
Oregon (Portland Area)
California (Los Angeles, San Jose Areas)
Arizona (Phoenix Area)
North Carolina (South West Area)
South Carolina (North West Area)
Georgia (South East and North East Areas)
Missouri (Northern Area)
Louisiana (New Orleans Area)
Arkansas (Little Rock Area)

I have TWO coupons to give away for a FREE bag of Nature's Peak frozen fruit!

For your first (mandatory) entry, visit the recipe section at the Nature's Peak website and tell me what you'd like to try with your coupon! **be sure to leave your email address in any comments so that I can contact you if you win!

For additional entries (one comment each):
- Follow me on Google connect
- subscribe to me via email or in a feed reader
- Follow me on twitter @scorbett and tweet about this contest! You can copy and paste the following: I just entered the Nature's Peak Frozen Fruit giveaway at The $200 Mission! Ends 1/21! @scorbett http://tinyurl.com/y9jvvbx
You can tweet once per day, comment with the link to your tweet.

Giveaway will close on 1/21 at 10PM EST. I will choose TWO winners via Random.org and notify them via email. Winner(s) will have 72 hours to reply and confirm before the contest is re-drawn.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Nature’s Peak and received a sample to facilitate my candid review as well as two coupons to giveaway. In addition, Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. This review reflects my honest opinion based on my experience in using the product, and this post was not edited or reviewed by anyone.

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Jan 7, 2010

TOT Thursday - Discount grocers!

I was guilty for SO many years of just grocery shopping at the store closest to my house. I can't even imagine how much money I wasted for the sake of convenience. Making a commitment to pay the lowest price possible for the things I need forced me to look beyond the first parking lot to cross my path...and discover a few not-so-secret goldmines for grocery savings! Here's how you can put a big dent in your grocery budget this week:

Hunt down the discount grocers in your area!

Sounds simple, and I'm sure many of you are already shopping happily at these establishments. But some of you may not know that Wal-Mart isn't the be-all of discount grocery stores! Not everyone lives in an area with multiple options for grocery shopping, but if you do a little investigating, you may be surprised at what you find!

Discount grocers come in many forms - some (like Price Rite, Shop Rite, Aldi) are straight-up grocery stores with mostly store-brand items. Others are "ding & dent" or salvage stores - the ones that get the bruised boxes and cans deemed not good enough for the fancy big chains :) 99-Cent stores will usually carry SOME selection of pantry items, in some areas they even sell produce! And many restaurant supply stores will sell to the public at wholesale prices. Local farmstands are another great way to get in-season produce at lower prices, since they don't factor in shipping to the cost of the fruits and veggies.

It's worthwhile to get to know these "secondary" shopping resources - most sell private-label (translated: store brand without the recognizable brand name) goods or damaged package/overstocked brand names. I can easily find about 90% of what I need at the Price Rite, and only go to the big stores for specialty items and crazy sales that stack with coupons. The cost difference is SIGNIFICANT, and if you've never shopped a discount grocer, it could potentially cut your spending in half with NO COUPON CLIPPING!

Here are a few examples of discount grocers that may be in your area, but Google and the Yellow Pages are great resources for finding your own hidden gems! Comment with your favorite discount store in your area and I'll add them to the list!

Aldi - store locator (many locations nationwide!)
Price Rite - store locator - CT, MA, NY, PA, RI
Shop Rite - store locator - CT, DE, NJ, NY, MD, PA

This site has a Discount Grocery store directory listed by state! Mostly salvage-type stores.
Here's Wikipedia's list of US supermarket chains, many of which are discount grocers!

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