Jan 2, 2010

SE Mass shoppers - Trucchi's Wacky Wednesday 1/6!

For my southeastern MA shoppers, you MUST get to Trucchi's this Wednesday (and early!) for the first Wacky Wednesday of the New Year!

If you're unfamiliar with WW, it is a one-day sale with super low prices on five or six select items. Once they're sold out at that price, that's it - no rainchecks...so best to get there as early as you can!

Here are this week's Wacky Wednesday items:

Trucchi's English Muffin 6-pack - 3/$1 (Buy and freeze!)

Plumrose Bacon 1lb - $1.79

Trucchi's large brown eggs - $1.29/dozen

Bananas - $0.33/lb

Garelick Farms Orange Juice 64oz - $0.99 (limit 4)

Visit Trucchis.com to see if there's a location near you!

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