Jan 16, 2010

Grocery trips - week 1 2010

OK - I know I'm a little late getting this started, but it's time to get the ball rolling on my weekly grocery tracking! For the week ending Jan 9, I made three stops and spent a total of $55.05 ($16.26 of that was on a WalMart gift card, not out of pocket). That's just slightly over the $50 per week I should be aiming for to stay on budget! I should mention, most of the items we got at Wal Mart are less expensive when I get them from Price Rite (I made notes below) - we only got them at WalMart because of the gift card. So had I done shopping as I normally would have, the total would have been right on target!

Wal Mart
(I made notes on what the Price Rite prices would be, since we'd have shopped there if it weren't for the gift card)
Gallon Great Value whole milk - $2.94 (Price rite: $2.79)
Great Value Peanut butter, 40oz - $3.48
Great Value Strawberry Preserves - $2.86 (Price Rite: $1.99)
Great Value raisins - $2.58
Great Value Brown Sugar - $1.44 (Price Rite: $0.99)
2 Swiss Miss cocoa - $2.00
Gerber stage 1 prunes - $0.96

Total: $16.26 ($0 out of pocket)

(Their Wacky Wednesday sale got me! I bought items to make freezer breakfast sandwiches, plus a few short-sale meat items!)
4 dozen large brown eggs - $5.16
9 packages Trucchi's english muffins - $3.00
4 lbs Plumrose bacon - $7.56
2.32 lbs bananas - $0.77
2 lbs sweet Italian sausage - $3.58

Total: $20.07

Price Rite
42oz canister PR quick oats - $1.79
10oz fresh mushrooms - $1.89
0.91lb broccoli crowns - $1.17
1.8lb zucchini - $1.42
1 bag celery - $1.69
2lb unsalted butter - $3.78
3lb bag frozen blueberries - $5.99
Dulce de Leche wafers - $0.99 (mommy's special treat!)

Total: $18.72

This week I shopped with NO coupons!

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