Jan 3, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Jan 4, '10

Happy 2010! I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's!

I am still working through my goals for the coming year, but one thing at the TOP of my list is more pro-active meal planning! We do pretty well each week, though I know many times when Menu Plan Monday became Menu Plan Wednesday, Thursday...you get the picture. My household goals for this year include incorporating both MONTHLY meal planning (even if it's just a rough framework that I can switch around), and more active Once a Month cooking into our routine! We did pretty well sticking with the plan last week but our schedule was busy enough that I was really missing having meals ready to go in the freezer. And speaking of the freezer, I NEED to do a full freezer inventory - we'll see how that goes :)

My husband's still working every night that I'm off, so next week there are no nights we're all home for dinner. It looks like that's how our schedules will be for a while, especially once hubby starts school in a few weeks. I've got to find a rhythm that works for this new schedule, so I'm going to try meals this week where the ingredients can be prepped the night before to save time when I'm juggling both kids in the evenings.

Here's what I came up with, don't forget to visit Laura over at I'm an Organizing Junkie for tons more recipe and menu ideas!

monday - Italian Sausage Hawaiian over rice - never got to it last week! ($4.90 for 4 servings)

tuesday - Shredded BBQ chicken, cornbread, veggies ($3.75 for 4 servings, plus leftover cornbread!)

wednesday - Stuffed Zucchini, leftover cornbread, veggies ($6.30 for 4 servings)

thursday - English Muffin Pizzas, veggies ($2.50 for 4 servings)

friday - Leftovers (FREE)

saturday - Crockpot Asian Pork Stew over rice (cost TBA)

sunday - Dinner at the In-laws (FREE)

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Momstart said...

Stuffed Zucchini, that sounds delicious