Feb 6, 2009

Putting your house in order


As I am writing this post, I am sitting in my brother's East Side apartment, having just taken a nice stroll on the Hudson River...I love New York! We are in town for the Comics Convention (yes I married a supernerd!) and enjoying a little grownup time while the Boy Wonder stays with his grammie for the weekend. Hooray!

Far be it from me to leave you all without something good to hold you over for the weekend though! I've been reading a good series over at Clutter Control & Organizing Solutions about setting up and maintaining a household notebook. For the organizationally challenged, it's a great starter guide to putting your house (literally) in order! She'll be running the series all month long, so follow along with me! Be sure to check out her other posts too, she's got great ideas for keeping (or whipping) your house into shape!

I'll hopefully get my menu posted Sunday evening, and will post pics from the convention for those daring enough to peek into our geekdom :) Happy weekend!

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Keely said...

Am I am super-er nerd if I'm totally jealous?