Feb 10, 2009

Comic Con!

Ok so I promised I'd share pics from our weekend at Comic Con in NYC...for the uninitiated, this was Nerd Heaven for us East Coasters. I like meeting up with celebrities and artists, but the people watching is as much (or more fun)! Hubby got to shake hands with a ton of his fave comic artists but the highlight of MY day was meeting Marina Sirtis! My college girlfriends and I used to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation religiously, and always loved her as Deanna Troi. She still looks awesome!

Anyway, here's a little slideshow from our trip! Click on it to play...

Comic Con 2009


Cinnamon said...

I loved looking at your pics. I'm kind of a geek myself, but shhh don't tell anyone lol

On The Verge said...

Sounds like fun. My husband would so want to go if it were ever close to home.


Keely said...

Bendis! Squeeee!

Zombies! Gah!

Marina Sirtis was always my fave, too. And that really was the worst Gambit EVAH.

Did I mention how jealous I am?

Women Who Win said...

Looking forward to it!! --Michelle