Feb 5, 2009

Budget check-in

Just did a quick check of our grocery spending for January - we missed the mark a bit but still did pretty good! Final spending came out to $254.61, but that included one trip to BJ's Wholesale for diapers and some bulk items that will last into February, and I did choose to stock up during one meat sale a couple of weeks ago. I knew that would put me over a little so it wasn't a huge surprise.

I don't expect February spending to run too high, as of this first week we've only had to spend $11 on staple items and I don't need to go shopping until Monday or Tuesday. I'm really making an effort to use up what we've got in the pantry so that there's less to move at the end of the month :) It's a good exercise too - when you can easily run to the store for extra dinner items, it can be hard to CHOOSE to work with only what you have! But we're doing OK so far :)

I'm planning on trying my hand at some Once-A-Month cooking dishes once we've moved, I think that will help focus the budget a little better and it will certainly make meal planning a bit easier! I'd love to hear about any OAMC recipes that you've tried out!

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