Feb 24, 2010

Grocery Trips - week 7 2010

This week we hit the outer edges of budget with $57.19 spent - but it was a weird shopping week. Instead of planning my usual trips to the Price Rite and BJ's near my house, we were out apartment shopping a few days this week so I did some shopping at the Super Wal Mart near that area. Again spent more than normal on some items, but I paid for the convenience. The good news is I had some leftover room on a gift card so that shopping trip was not out of our pocket :) When I was able to get to the Price Rite, I did a bit of stocking up - including BIG hotel-style turkey breasts that were only $0.59/lb! I bought a 9lb and an 11lb turkey :)

That might seem excessive, but I get a LOT of mileage out of those turkey breasts! I cooked one on Friday, and we had about 3.5 lbs of leftover meat after dinner - that will be used for the Once a Month Mom Cook Off in the Curried Chicken Tidbits dish - curried turkey is just as good! I also made about 10 cups of broth from the carcass and giblets which will find their way into soups and stews over the next few months.

I tallied up about what I should have to spend for the rest of the Once a Month Mom Cook Off dishes that I plan to make, and that alone came to just under $50...plus I need formula and more baby food supplies (that kiddo can eat!!). So I will almost definitely exceed my budget for February, but I will have a TON of meals in the freezer already paid for to carry me through March! Here's how the shopping went down this week:

Wal Mart
3lb bag Gala apples - $2.97 (usually $2.59 at PR)
2 large onions - $1.17 - for OAMC
2.30lb bananas - $1.13 (usually $1.49 for 3lbs at BJ's)
Egg noodles - $1.50 (usually $1 at PR) - for OAMC
Great Value canned corn - $0.78 - for OAMC
Great Value canned peas - $0.78 - for OAMC
1 gal GV milk - $3.23 (usually $2.69 at PR)

Total on Gift Card: $11.56
Total OOP: $0.00

Price Rite
10lb rice - $2.99
42oz PR old fashioned oats - $1.79 - for baby food and OAMC
48oz PR vegetable oil - $1.99
16oz PR unsalted peanuts - $1.99
6 cans Campbells tomato soup - $3.54
6-pk PR microwave popcorn - $1.49
Wheat bread - $1.19
20.75lb (2) Shadybrook Farms turkey breasts - $12.24
5lb carrots - $2.19
3.01lb Bosc pears - $2.38
2.62lb green grapes - $3.90
6 large oranges - $3.78
2 avocados - $1.98
large tub butter spread - $1.49
1 gal PR milk - $2.69

Total: $45.63

This week I shopped with NO coupons!

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