Feb 3, 2010

Grocery trips - week 4 2010

Another week eating from the pantry, and we needed so little I went ahead and stocked up on a couple of things again. Total spending for the week was $39.13 ($4.42 on my Wal-Mart GC), still well under budget! I did get some jarred baby food, mostly because I haven't made up homemade fruits yet and I don't own a food mill to break down the peas enough. I also bought my bread at BJ's instead of Price Rite, we paid more but the kids were getting a little lively and we needed to get home. It's nice to know that we can be flexible like that and still make budget!

2 40oz jars Skippy PB - $7.79
8-pk canned diced tomatoes - $6.89
1 gallon whole milk - $2.48
2pk wheat bread - $3.49
3lb bananas - $1.44
18pk Beech nut stage 2 fruits - $7.79

Total: $29.88

2.57lb boneless chicken breast - $4.83 (store savings $6.20)

Total: $4.83

4 jars Beech Nut peas - $1.84
24oz Great Value raisins - $2.58

Total on gift card: $4.42
Total OOP: $0.00

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