Feb 17, 2010

Grocery trips - week 6 2010

Last week shopping was a little sporadic, I totally skipped on making a menu plan because we ALL got sick and things were just nutty. We were either too ill to eat or working off of leftovers for the first part of the week, and this past weekend both hubby and I worked so we used up the last of the leftovers or ate at my in-laws. Good for the budget, yes...but I am looking forward to stocking my freezer with meals to take some of the pressure off!

I bought the pork for the Once a Month Mom Cook-off, the pork tenderloins were $1.99/lb and the store butcher will custom cut them for nothing! He cut me four nice 1.5lb roasts for OAMC, and 7 yummy boneless chops :) Since the two February menu pork roast recipes (Asian Pork Roast and Pork Roast with Apples and Pears) were just "dump" recipes (toss everything in the bag and freeze) I whipped those together while I made dinner one night - 10 minutes of busywork and I have 4 pork roast dinners ready to go! Woot!

We were still within budget this week at $54.55 spent (though on the higher end), even with some OAMC shopping. But I'm going to need to replenish some of the stores (we are almost out of cheese - can't run out of cheese!!) so we may go over budget a bit in the coming weeks - we'll see how it goes, or if I'm able to do this month AND OAMC within budget!

Stop & Shop
9.28lb pork tenderloin - $18.47 (6lb for OAMC - $11.94) $4.64 store savings
Jello cups - $3.69 (Ouch! Stomach bug caught us and I went for convenience. Bad Suzie!)
3 avocados - $5.00 (baby food)

Total: $27.16

Price Rite
42oz canister PR quick oats - $1.79
14oz box PR generic cheerios - $1.49
Gallon jug vinegar - $1.89 (used for recipes and cleaning!)
Pepperidge farm cheddar fish - $1.67
5lb bag white potatoes - $0.97
2 Gallon milk - $5.38
PR Apple Juice 64 oz - $1.19 (for OAMC)
PR Strawberry Jelly 32 oz - $1.99
1 loaf PR wheat bread - $1.19
3.60lb butternut squash - $3.20 (for baby food)
2 large garlic bulbs - $0.74
2 large red apples - $1.13 (for OAMC)
16 oz Breakstones sour cream - $0.99 (for OAMC)
24 oz bag frozen cut green beans - $1.29
24 oz bag frozen mixed veggies - $1.29
16 oz bag frozen California mix veggies - $1.19

Total: $27.39s

This week I used NO coupons! I got $4.64 in store savings!

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