Feb 10, 2010

Grocery Trips - week 5 2010

So how excited am I...we finished January with UNDER $200 spent - that included 2 cases of diapers and formula! Woot! Yes, I started with a very happy stockpile, but I made stockup purchases as well as weekly needs in January. We started off this month pretty strong, I am just slightly under budget at $44.13 spent!

February may tip the budget a little - I am participating in Once a Month Mom's Cook-off and will be buying not only what we need for our weekly meals, but also what I'll need for the freezer cooking. I'll be blogging my progress too - if you want to get on board go check it out, they've lined up some great prizes! I'll try to make notes what I'm buying for regular shopping and what is included in the Once A Month cooking.

51 oz can BJ's formula - $19.99
1 gallon milk - $2.41
Kotex pads 80ct - $9.99

Total: $32.39

Price Rite
1 loaf wheat bread - $1.19
2.21lb baking potatoes - $1.30
1lb carrots - $0.69
2.85lb pears (6) - $3.68 (2 pears for OAMC @ $1.23)
3lb Macintosh apples - $2.39
32oz Coffeemate creamer - $2.49

Total: $11.74

This week I shopped with NO coupons!

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