Feb 18, 2010

Another great Boston fitness deal from Groupon!

Groupon has been coming out with some great fitness deals for the Boston area! What a great chance to ramp up those New Year's resolutions!

Today's deal is for $50 for either 3 Pilates reformer classes, or 12 Pilates Mat classes at Rock City Body in Allston! That's a $150 value, or up to 67% off! The deal is ON, you can only use 1 deal per person but may purchase multiples as gifts. The coupon will expire on 7/31/10 so you've got plenty of time to use it!

Not from the Boston area? Groupon has offers in SEVERAL cities, so feel free to click the "Visit more cities" link at the top of the page and see what Groupon has to offer in YOUR area!

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