Dec 19, 2008

What snow? CVS calls!

That's spite of the Winter Storm Warning, I made sure we got to CVS before the snow started falling. Priorities, you know? :)

This was actually a banner trip - total savings of typo there. I had just under 20 bucks in ECBs from my Black Friday shopping and I finally made the best of CVS's policy to accept ALL manufacturer's coupons - which, I should add, they treat like STORE coupons....meaning you can still stack them with manufacturer coupons for MEGA savings! I wanted to post this tonight since the ECB deals run through tomorrow - so if you can venture out (and have a Walgreens circular handy), you can clean up too!

So here's how it played out:

Transaction #1
3 four-packs of Energizer Max AA batteries
Used Walgreens circular coupon - Energizer batteries for $2.99 each, limit 3
Used 3- $1 off Energizer coupons (11/9 SS and 12/14 SS)

Used $5.97 ECBs

Total OOP: $0.00
Total saved: $17.37

Transaction #2
2 Colgate Total Advanced
Used 2 $1.50 off Colgate Total printable

1 Pantene 25 oz 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner
used $2 off Pantene coupon (12/14 PG)

1 Kodak FunSaver camera
used Walgreens circular coupon Funsaver camera for $3.99

Used $7.99 ECBs

Total OOP: $3.12
Total saved: $20.79
Total ECBs earned: $6

Transaction #3
1 Complete Multipurpose contact solution
used $1 off Complete MPS coupon (10/26 RP)

Used $5.99 EBCs

Total OOP: $2.10
Total saved: $7.99
Total ECBs earned: $8.99

Total saved: $46.15
Total OOP: $5.22
ECBS for next time: $14.99


Mama2ce said...

LOL - I know what you mean about having to get your deals even when the weather is bad! It is so hard to let them pass you by :)

Kelly said...

i am still completely amazed at all the money you always seem to save at CVS. do you shop anywhere else that you save that much?

uppervalleymom said...

You are my hero! I have been a wimp during the snowstorm and told myself that I would venture out on Monday when things died down. I have printed out your scenarios and have my walgreens flyer handy!

Jennifer said...

WOW! You're the second blogger I've seen who gets such tremendous savings at CVS. Right on!

The Holmes Crew said...

Hey from a neighbor in Dartmouth. Just found your blog on the MBC, and I love it!

Felicia said...

Great savings!

Long time no see!!

Bendz said...


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