Dec 7, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - Dec 8th

My gosh, it's almost only 2 weeks till Christmas. We're mostly done with shopping/giftmaking, but just knowing it's that close is still giving me knots in my stomach!

Last week's menu - WOW did we hit big with the new recipes! The Chicken and Dumplings never even made it to leftovers. And the sweet potato biscuits were so good they're back again this week! The superstar of the week: Autumn was SO easy and SO delicious, and when I brought it to work for lunch I had to print out 10 copies of the recipe.

I MUST MUST MUST do baking this week. I finally got to the last of the muffins in the freezer, so this week I will make a few batches, some with pumpkin pie filling and some with mashed sweet potato. I was hoping to get away with no additional food shopping for the week, but realized we are almost out of cheddar cheese (a tragedy of epic proportions in my house), plus I need lettuce and cabbage for the recipes. Still, that will only be another $7.99 on top of the $15.46 we've already spent, making this week's grocery bill a whopping $23.45. I'm ok with that, since the cheese will last a while, the lettuce will pad out the menus this week, and I can use the cabbage to make another batch of Bee Rocks for the freezer. If I can spend $30 or less for the next 3 weeks I'll hit my $200 goal! Woot!

Enough blabber. On to the menus. (and don't forget to stop in on Laura at to see what others are cooking!)

monday - Chicken and rice burritos with lettuce, using this taco chicken and leg quarters ($1.82 for 4 servings! - the leg quarters were only $0.49/lb)

tuesday - Herbed pork tenderloin chops, veggie, lettuce salad, sweet potato biscuits ($4.04 for 4 servings)

wednesday - Leftover night! (FREE!)

thursday - Chicken Mexi Mac - use this mac & cheese recipe, add leftover taco chicken and a can of diced tomato, drained ($5.26 for 6-8 servings)

friday - Homemade Pizza, lettuce salad ($3.02 for 8 servings)

saturday - Cabbage Roll Casserole, leftover biscuits ($4.28 for 6-8 servings)

sunday - dinner at the in law's


Sonshine said...

sounds like a yummy week at your house. :) That chicken mexi mac sounds good! I think my kids would love it. :)

LOL at your tragedy of epic proportions being out of cheddar cheese! That is the same thing at my house! Here a few months ago I started getting a 5lb block at Sam's club and we go through the whole block in a month!!! :)

Rachel said...

Great menu -- I'm in such awe of your grocery shopping skills. I need to trim our food expenses!

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