Dec 2, 2008


Starting tomorrow, I will be reposting my "Bricklaying" series every Wednesday - I was able to recover all but the last one from the old blog, along with a few earlier posts that would definitely fall into the same category.

For those who are new to my blog, "Bricklaying" is a short series on what I have incorporated as foundational ideas toward improving and managing my grocery budget. I've had a lot of people both online and in person ask me how I do what I do every week that makes my budget goal possible, especially in the area where I live - it forced me to really organize my thought process, and I hope that it might help others achieve what I'm aiming for! It's easy to talk about coupon clipping and sale-hunting, but there is a whole mentality shift that has to happen for everything to come together. Call it the method to my madness, I call it building a solid wall to hide my goodies behind :)

As always, if there are topics you would like to see included, just drop me a line or leave a comment!


Anne said...

I am excited to learn how I can follow in your footsteps. Can't wait!

Charming Lamb said...

I don't think your blog design could possibly be any cuter!