Dec 18, 2008

Last minute frugal gifts!

I got this one from Northern Cheapskate...and it's just in time for the holiday crunch!

You can download Living on a Dime's "Gifts in a Jar" eBook for FREE! I just downloaded it and not only is in chock full of dry mix jar recipes (cookies, soups, hot beverages, and sweet breads!) but it also contains great (and frugal) gift basket ideas!

This is a fantastic way to wrap up your Christmas gifting - mix jars make great teacher/coworker gifts, and are an easy way to put something special under the tree for your family. And because the materials are readily available at the grocery and discount store, shopping is a breeze. Get the kiddos involved'll keep them busy while you try to remember where you hid their presents ;)

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Melissa said...

Wow this is great!! Thank you for posting this. I will be checking this out. I got some jars last year I didn't use so now I can use them:)