Dec 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - Dec 15th

Making the list, checking it twice...realizing I forgot to buy for a few people. Happy Holidays!

Well this is the Week Before Christmas menu...not really different from other weeks except my stress level is a WEEEEE tiny bit higher :) I'm trying to keep it simple this week so that I can enjoy New Years from somewhere other than an institution...

Last week's menu went really well, the new Mac and Cheese recipe that we tried was AWESOME - super creamy and cheesy, and took almost no time to make. The addition of some salsa and the shredded Taco Chicken made for a yummy meal - and leftovers with a short shelf life. I have a TON of leftover Cabbage Roll Casserole, which will serve as work lunch and probably a leftovers dinner this week.

I am starting to look into breakfast recipes that fit into Once A Month Cooking - we do oatmeal or muffins just about every morning so a change would be nice, plus I think that would be a good entry point for me...starting with the new year I would like to have at least ONE dish per month that is cooked in bulk. For now, the freezer is full of muffins again and I'm in search of a pancake recipe that doesn't turn out rubbery after it's been thawed!

Here's what we're having this week, what's in your wallet, Check out I'm an Organizing Junkie to find out.

monday - Bee Rocks and Broccoli Cheese soup from the freezer ($3.76 for 4 servings)

tuesday - Green Giant Stirfry with added chicken and rice ($3.99 for 4 servings)

wednesday - Chipotle Ranch Drumsticks, broccoli, sweet potato ($5.28 for 4 servings)

thursday - Sausage and Penne Bake, homemade breadsticks ($7.69 for 8 servings)

friday - Homemade cheese pizza ($2.30 for 8 servings)

saturday - Dinner at the In-Laws

sunday - Leftover night!


ahorne said...

Wow - I love the way you've broken down the cost for everything. What a great menu!

Rachel said...

Have you shared your blueberry muffin recipe? I bought a ton of blueberries during a GREAT sale last week and I need a way to use them before they go bad!