Dec 13, 2008

Budget check

Went online to check the bank statement, and to get the month's grocery tally. When I realized that I could label my transactions at the online banking site, and then create reports - my little OCD brain had a happy meltdown. Tracking my spending this way is SOO much better than saving receipts. (Did I mention I have an allergy to math?)

Anyway, we decided to stick to using the debit card for all grocery purchases so that all of those transactions are logged online. I ran the report today, and as of this mid-way point in the month we have spent $137.19. If I want to keep to the $200 goal, that will leave me $62.81 to spend, or about $25 per week to spend between now and the 31st (the last week is a half week). Since we don't need a lot of extraneous stuff we *should* come pretty close! I have to make a decision on whether or not I'll pick up some chicken and chuck steak from the Shaw's sale, but I have to finish up the menu plan first and see what we really need to get by. If I can squeeze everything we really need into $10-$12, I can pick up two packages of split chicken and one chuck roast (which I would have the meat counter cube for me and do beef stew!). We shall see...

I *am* looking for a good pancake or waffle recipe that will freeze well...whenever I make them they always seem to get rubbery after freezing and I can't figure out if it's the recipe or the thawing that's doing it. Any suggestions are welcome!!

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