Oct 8, 2009

TOT Thursday

I decided to start a new little series, which I am dubbing Tricks Of the Trade Thursday! My goal will be to pass on small pointers and tips that you can use TODAY to save some money!

Here's today's tidbit:

Portion control

It's no secret that our portion sizes are out of whack - check out this article from MSNBC about a Rutgers portion perception study - we are eating 20-40% more than we did two decades ago, because we really don't know what healthy portions are!

You can improve your grocery spending RIGHT NOW by taking a hard look at how you portion out your meals:
*Read the actual serving sizes on the side of the box. And follow them!
*Check out this great chart of visual serving sizes.
*Stop using the 12" dinner plate - try portioning out your meals on an 8" sandwich plate instead (your plate will look fuller so you won't feel like you're missing anything!)

If you've followed correct portion sizes and your meal leaves you wanting more, try serving your meals with a slice of bread or a roll, and be sure you are drinking enough fluid while you eat! Taking breaks from the plate to take a drink gives your body time to realize it's being fed, so you may find you're getting fuller faster.

You may be surprised at how much further your meals will stretch once you're not supersizing your servings! And an added bonus - eating correct portions means your calorie intake may reduce...which may bring those "skinny" jeans out of the closet a little sooner :)

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Gaby J. said...

I think the plate size issue is important. A couple of years ago we purchased a new set of dishes from Crate & Barrel and the dinner plates were huge! It's difficult to serve "right size" portions when they look puny in the plate.

Momstart said...

You're right, something we struggle with in my family is good portion size and we're not very over weight but if we got in in control we would be just right.

Keely said...

oh my goodness, totally. I love my dish set but the plates are HUGE. half the time we end up using the smaller ones.