Oct 7, 2009

Price Rite shopping trip

Ok...so this week SHOULD have been a nearly-free week...all of the week's meals were straight from the stockpile, or so I thought. Then I realized the celery was gone, and I didn't have enough potatoes to double the Sausage Potato Soup recipe...and the bread-and-milk run turned into a wee bit more. I had to get bread flour from Shaw's too (for $3.79 - OUCH!) - if anyone has suggestions for finding bread flour in bulk I'm all ears! Seems like I can only find it at the major grocery stores.

Last night hubby decided to make chocolate chip cookies with the Boy Wonder and ended up buying a pound of butter and a bag of semi-sweet chips for $3.18 - not really on the game plan but they had fun baking so I can't really complain :)

Here's what my nearly $23 got me:

1 Red pepper - $0.90
4 bottles Pepsi - $4.56 (Hey SodaStream - need another reviewer???)
4 cans biscuits - $1.52 (craving monkey bread!)
Worcestershire sauce - $0.99
Soy sauce - $0.99
1 gallon milk - $2.39
5 lb bag potatoes - $1.89
1 bunch celery - $0.99
Wheat sandwich bread - $1.19
5-pk garlic sleeve - $1.49
5 lb bag all purpose flour - $1.79
2 lb unsalted butter - $2.98
20 oz bag frozen corn kernels - $1.29

Total OOP: $22.97
Bread flour - $3.79
Cookie stuff - $3.18

Total spending for the week: $29.94
Total spending for October: $83.80

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Becky said...

Where are you guys living now? Do you have an ALDI nearby? Milk at ALDI is under $2/gallon. Last time I was there it was like $1.69! I love ALDI. They also have bags of salad for .49!

SavvySuzie said...
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SavvySuzie said...

The nearest Aldi is over a half hour from me, so I'd spend away my savings in gas! I may have to suck it up though, if Price Rite keeps raising their prices!