Oct 9, 2009

80% off at Restaurant.com until 10/12!

Restaurant.com is having another 80% off sale! That means $25 GC for just $2!

Just visit Restaurant.com, choose the GC's you want, and enter the code FOUR at checkout - the discount will apply to everything in your shopping cart. You can search by zip code or by region - The offer is good until Oct 12th!

Be sure to read the fine print, as most restaurants place some restrictions on GC use. This is a great way to get early gift shopping done, or to try out new restaurants without breaking the bank!

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Anonymous said...

Could you possibly explain to me how the whole gift card 'limit' works? Say it says $35 limit or whatever, does that mean you have to spend $35 BEFORE the GC? Like it would be $35 regardless of how much you spent?

SavvySuzie said...

In my personal experience, restaurants that post a spending minimum usually are referring to how much you need to spend in total (not including the GC). So, for example - a restaurant that offers a $25 GC may put a $35 minimum not including alcohol on the GC - most GCs also state that the restaurant will add an 18% tip, that is BEFORE the GC (to make sure the servers aren't shortchanged).

If there is any question as to what the restaurant will honor, your best bet is to call them and speak to a manager.