Sep 29, 2009

Thoughts from the outside

I've been catching up on blog reading and have thorougly enjoyed a lot of the recap posts from the Type A Mom conference...recap AND fallout, based on some of the posts I've come across. It sounds like there were a lot of valuable lessons to be learned, and I'm sorry I missed them firsthand, but appreciate to all the bloggers who are willing to share their experiences and let me live vicariously through you!

Creating PR relationships seems to have been a pretty hot topic, one I've spent too many hours turning over in my own fledgeling blogger brain. I fall into the trap of comparing myself to those I'd consider "successful" blogs, wondering what I'm doing wrong. Sometimes it puts me in a "why bother" mood. But then I come across posts like the one over at Frugal Dad about "how not to suck at.." and it reminds me of a few important things.

1. I will be the victim (or victor) of self-fulfilling prophecy. If I convince myself I'm not as good as XYZ blogger, or that I'll never be as big as Doo..whatshername, then I won't be. I'm going to reach as high as I'm willing to set my own bar. If I want the Dyson vaccum, the SodaStream fizzy drinkmaker, or the gen-yoo-wine set of Ginsu knives, I can haz that. Dammit.

2. I have a voice that is as valuable as others that are out there. In MY voice. Trisha at MomDot wrote a post today about PR Professonalism (or lack thereof), and mentioned how a particular Type A Panelist suggested certain bloggers have "earned" the right to be themselves in the blogosphere. Hah. I'm pretty sure I earned the right to be me LOOONG before any PR person knew me. I'm already made of awesome, buddy.

3. Others have valuable insight that I can learn from. If someone isn't better/faster/smarter than me, I never learn how much higher I can reach! I don't have to be sour just because I'm not blazing the trail at that moment.

4. I don't need to measure my blog's success by how many product reviews I'm doing. Heck, I don't even really need to measure it by how many hits I'm getting. I've met some pretty awesome people just because I started blogging, and learned more from them than I ever could have on my own. That makes this a pretty successful venture. (of course, if Dyson comes calling...then I MUST be a rockstar, right?)

5. I have WAY too much fun blogging to suck that bad :) Isn't that why we got in the game to begin with?

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Jennifer Leigh said...

Success is what you find to be successful. You can't compare yourself to other people. Someone will always be better and someone will always be worse. As long as you are happy doing what you're doing does it really matter what someone else thinks of it?