Sep 19, 2009

$10 off $10 purchase at

Thanks to Engineer a Debt Free Life for the heads up on this promotion!

Spend $10 or more at and get $10 off your order by using the code ENJOY10 at checkout! In the Outlet section there are tons of items for $9.99 or less, which means FREE or super cheap stuff!

EADFL also mentioned that if you shop through you can get an ADDITIONAL 3% cash back on your purchase! I have only been using Ebates for a little while and already have about $10 in cash back racked up! If you are new to Ebates they are giving away $10 gift cards as a thank you when you sign up and make your first purchase!

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Tena said...

I just got a coupon in the mail with this, wow! U don't find deals like this anymore, I will forsure go in and find something, probably something close to 10 bucks, ha ha ha

Theta Mom said...

You can't beat something for $10.00! Thanks for the tip! FOund you from Entrecard and I am following! Hope you do the same. :)