Sep 20, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Sept 21, '09

Stop the presses - I actually BAKED last week!

We aren't really getting much sleep these days, but the new baby is on a slightly more predictable schedule, and I felt good enough to try making a batch of breadsticks...and SUCCEEDED! It's a small victory, but I'll take it ;)

This week marks the final hurrah of my freezer meals, which means I will actually prepare dinners FRESH...but considering the baby will be 6 weeks old this week and this is the first time I've had to make dinner from scratch, that's pretty good! I'm officially hooked on the idea of OAMC now though - it's fantastic to be able to just pop something in the oven for supper, and well worth the extra effort. My sister in law is on board too - so you may see more OAMC cooking in my posts as we figure out a system! (as a sidebar, if you do OAMC or are interested, Once a Month Mom is hosting a big OAMC Tweet-up event at 6pm on October 10th...they'll be live in the Dayton, OH area but we long distance folks can participate via Stickam and Twitter! Check it out!)

Here's what we're dining on this week, don't forget to visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for HUNDREDS of other menus!

monday - Pizza Roll Ups, salad - OAMC ($6.00 for 8 servings)

tuesday - Obama's Chili, Bread bowls ($8.10 for 8-10 servings)

wednesday - Chicken Bombay, couscous, broccoli - OAMC ($8.85 for 6 servings)

thursday - Stuffed Zucchini, Wheat biscuits ($6.67 for 4 servings plus leftover biscuits)

friday - Chicken Pot Pie, leftover wheat biscuits - OAMC ($4.00 for 6 servings)

saturday - leftovers! FREE!

sunday - dinner at the in-law's - FREE!

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Jessie Geroux said...

I bookmarked several of these..I am excited to try them. Thanks a ton :-)

Melissa said...

The pizza rolls sound really yummy and I'm working on my October freezer menu right now. Do you actually cook them before freezing? They don't get soggy?

Sonshine said...

Looks like a yummy week planned!

I bookmarked the pizza rollups to try! :)

Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your week!