Sep 21, 2009

Price Rite Shopping trip 9/21

I wasn't terribly impressed with the sales this week at Stop & Shop or Shaws, if I have time in the next couple of days I may scour the sales for things we can stockpile but I was able to get everything we needed for the week at Price Rite.

Our Price Rite does not accept coupons, so all prices are everyday prices. Here's what we bought:

2.77 lb zucchini - $2.74
1 head lettuce - $0.99
2 heads garlic - $0.60
2 large green peppers - $1.45
3 lbs tomato on the vine - $4.58
1 container grape tomatoes - $1.50
1.5 lb bananas - $0.74
1 lb bag carrots - $0.69
Wheat bread - $1.19
4 cans Goya chickpeas - $2.67
2 cans Goya black beans - $1.33
Gallon milk - $2.39
5 bottles Pepsi - $5.45 plus $0.25 deposit
Dozen eggs - $1.29
Int'l Delight flavored creamer - $0.99

Total OOP = $28.84

This is everything we need to complete all meals for the week, any meat and other ingredients are already in the pantry or chest freezer! So far, we've spent 91.78 on groceries and paper goods, so we're doing great this month! I will probably need diapers again before the month is out, but we should be close to budget.

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Jessie Geroux said...

are you gonna make hummus with the chickpeas?? I really want to start learning to make some greek food. My hubby and I treated ourselves on date night to some real authentic greek food at a hole in the wall place (not some chain restaurant) and ever since we really want more

SavvySuzie said...

I am going to try hummus, but also in the Sunday paper this week there was a recipe for roasted chickpea snacks that I wanted to try as well..we don't usually go thru 4 cans of chickpeas in a week! :)