Sep 18, 2009

Frugal Family Fun

Frugality is like a starts out small, then grows on you until it takes over!!

I started out my journey to frugality by focusing on my grocery spending, but the more I practice it at the supermarket, the more I find that the lessons learned apply in EVERY area of spending. I get as excited finding ways to save on unconventional things as I do when I pull a sale/store coupon/mfr coupon trifecta and get stuff for free :)

One of my new favorite ways to save on entertainment for my family comes from - wait for it - the library - and I'm not talking about books and movies! Most local libraries are given discount passes to area attractions, and some of those discounts are really impressive! In my area, we have the SAILS network of libraries, and I can go to just about any SAILS member library and get great discounted or free admission passes to tons of day trip destinations.

An example: yesterday, my husband and I took our toddler to the Boston Museum of Science. We reserved a library pass the day before, and the pass was good for a $5 admission price for up to 4 people...TEN BUCKS for a trip that would have normally cost us $26 per adult - so we saved $42! Including parking, the ride on the T and admission, the entire day cost us $27. Not too bad for a big-ticket attraction!!

Check with your local library, then start planning some day trips!

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1 comment:

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

I have heard a lot of libraries have this, and I hope our local library starts a similar program soon! It's a great way to save money, have fun, and get in an educational trip too. :-)