Aug 10, 2009

Quick Update and menu (un)planning

Well as you can see by my counter below, we are "officially" overdue for the arrival - Friday the 7th was my due date, and tomorrow I go for a non-stress test and follow up with my doc. If nothing happens I'll be induced next week, so at least there's a light at the end of the tunnel! I've been having scattered contractions since mid-week last week though, which does get frustrating - I'll get two or three in a row, between 20 and 40 minutes apart, and then NOTHING for hours. Then another two or three, then NADA.

I liken it to a car that won't turn over... RRRUUUMMMMDiggadiggadiggaRRRRUUUMMMdiggadiggadigga...sputter sputter wheeze. Repeat ad infinitum.

Oh and I have to pee. CONSTANTLY.

Since we were expecting baby last week, I didn't do a menu plan - and I hesitate to do too much this week as well since we are really playing every day by ear. I decided to take a cue from Gayle at The Grocery Cart Challenge and will be shopping my pantry for the week! I have stocked up well in preparation for the baby so I should be able to make good with what we have. I'll try and post what I come up with each night as Gayle did, that should keep us away from the call of takeout :) Hopefully SOMEWHERE in there I'll be reporting on a new arrival!!!

Hang in there, dear uterus, you'll be vacant again soon!!!

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Tosha said...

How frustrating! My SIL was 8 days past due last month. The pregnancy before that she was 10 days over due. Thankfully she went into labor on her own and did have to be induced. I'll send some labor vibes your way:)

BabiesandBargains said...

good luck this week! I am due in 9 very short weeks and I am freakin out!