Aug 12, 2009

Baby update!

Well folks, looks like the day has arrived! No dinner ideas tonight - I'm sitting in a hospital bed typing this between contractions....I am officially a technology junkie.

The Boy Wonder is having a sleepover with his auntie, and we are just waiting to find out if the new addition will play nice or if they will have to start the Pitocin. My fluid is low so this baby is getting born in the next 24 hours whether it likes it or not! The only thing that really blows is that I can't have anything to eat and I am suddenly craving a big fat bacon cheeseburger and a side of fries with vinegar.

Anyone know where I can find a burger-fla vored popsicle?

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cassandrasmom said...

Good luck with your labor and congrats on your new baby.

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh........congrats on the new baby and I wish I could get that burger popsicle for you but you'll have to wait it out. :o)

Tena said...

best of luck and I hope you are holding your new little one soon

Patricia said...

Wishing you well and hoping you have an uncomplicated labor and delivery.

JessNBP said...

I hope all went well. :) CONGRATS! Should brought crakers with you!! I know my mom brought some with her in case I got hungry.