Aug 11, 2009

Menu (un)planning - Day 2, and baby update

Since I'm posting about supper tonight, you'd be correct in assuming that the child STILL has not decided to make its appearance. This is one stubborn little person, let me tell you...though knowing its father, I shouldn't be so surprised :)

I did have a non-stress test and a doctor's appointment today - if you missed the tweets (then you should be following me!) we had a very UNeventful test, nothing crazy going on and not a single contraction to be seen. My doctor's appointment was a bit more turbulent, after waiting an HOUR AND A HALF to get into an exam room, he stripped my membranes (yummy) and then scheduled me for an induction for Saturday morning. So, if the extra poking and prodding doesn't get things going in the next few days, I will be checking into the Hotel St. Hospital and will be holding my new baby by Saturday night! Woot!

Dinner tonight was relatively uneventful too, when I was scouring the fridge for dinner ideas I found a HUGE bowl of leftover Kielbasa and Pasta that I had forgotten about. From THREE days ago. Thank you, baby brain. Anyway, it was perfect because I'm a little crampy from the procedure today and not really in the mood for big cooking. I also moved it to the FRONT of the fridge so that we can use it up over the next few days, and I packed one Tupperware container full for Hospital day, whenever it comes. Don't want to be stuck with hospital food if I'm in the mood for something else!

T-minus four days till baby gets evicted from the Uterine Hilton..stay tuned!

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1 comment:

Lauren at Big Easy Mom said...

Oh, I'm in tears laughing about the "Uterine Hilton"! Good luck, and hopefully the baby will decide to move BEFORE the eviction!