Jul 25, 2009


I looked down at my feet this morning and realized that from the knees down I look more like Shrek than Suzie. Sweet.

I have this thing about chewing ice chips during late pregnancy. It's not that I'm lacking anything (god knows I eat well enough and take my vitamins like a good girl), I just like the feeling and I think chewing ice cools me down from the inside. Working at a hospital means I have constant access to an ice machine. But it also means that when I'm NOT at work, I crave them. BAD. Did I mention I'm off this weekend???

I love watching reruns of Boston Legal. LUUURV that show :)

My son decided that his little Playskool bath toy was Caillou and then proceeded to wash its little bald head. Last night he chased my husband around the house wearing a giant foam bear claw from a Pawtucket Bruins game yelling "RAAAWR!" and laughing hysterically. He's a lunatic, but full of cuteness.

Dang,I REALLY want some ice chips.

I don't know what bums me out more - that I'm missing BlogHer, or that I'm missing the San Diego Comic Con too. I should bake some cookies and eat them ALL.

Nope, still want ice chips. The fetus just jumped at the thought of icy crunchy goodness.

I am living on the edge tomorrow and taking a day trip to Martha's Vineyard with hubby's family - I'm 38 weeks pregnant and as ready to blow as Mt Vesuvius right now...so the logical thing to do is take a fast ferry to a tony island in the middle of the Atlantic for a day, right? Watch the New England news this weekend - it could get interesting.

I think I'm going to dye my hair pink tonight.

Heartburn seems to be the name of the game today. Do you think Tums would sponsor a blog review and stock me up? I like the tropical flavors! (hint hint!)

Ice chips. That is all.

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Keely said...

Pink, huh? Go for it :)

I wanted to go to ComicCon AND BlogHer. So I went to neither. I know, that makes no sense.

Erin Tales said...

Heck. Ice chips sound good to me now too.

Mellisa said...

I loved this post!