Jul 22, 2009

Budget Check-in

It's been a while since I've done a check of the budget - between the pending baby, hubby's car accident, and a bunch of family craziness I've been kinda winging it. The bills are all getting paid, so I know I'm not too far off track!!

I ran the spending report for July so far - and I am a bit over my $200 goal - total spent so far is $235.77, but that includes a rather large stock-up trip where I had to buy diapers, wipes, baby wash and paper goods. Those only come around every other month so I should be closer to goal next month.

Right now I have 15 prepared dinners in the freezer, most of which will leave us with a good amount of leftovers. I also have over 30 meals' worth of uncooked meat in there too, as well as a lot of frozen veggies. Depending on the meat sales, I may try for one more meat stock up purchase, especially if I can find one more OAMC dish to whip up.

I am really curious to see what having another baby will do to the budget - I know that diapers and toiletries will jack up the budget a little but I'll be nursing so until we get to solid food stages the overall change should be small. The Boy Wonder is starting to show interest in the potty so I may not be buying 2 sets of diapers for long! What was your experience when you added to your brood? Did you find it hard to adjust the budget?

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mindy2780 said...

When we added Owen into the mix the budget wasn't greatly effected at first. I was nursing so there was no formula to buy. And we use clothe diapers so we already had a set from Madeline. The big change was wipes, we went through a lot extra.
The food bill started going up a little when Owen started solids around 5 months, but I made alot of my own so that helped. And he went to table foods pretty quickly. We would just make a little extra and feed it to him.
Overall my budget has not gone up too much and Owen is now a 14 month old who eats NON STOP somedays. We now buy three gallons of milk a week, that is the biggest increase!

Melissa D. said...

When it was just my hubby, son #1 and me I spent around $75/week. Now with 6 in the house it is still on average $75/week. I wasn't frugal then, just started using coupons. The money I could have saved when there were just 3 of us. My $75 includes pet supplies and all household supplies, including diapers.