Jun 20, 2009


We've definitely got a 2 year old in the house...his latest escapades have involved catapulting himself in and out of his crib. A few days ago he brought my husband and I into his room so that he could show us (giggling the whole time) how he could hurl himself over the railing into his crib, bounce on the mattress, and then scale the side of the crib to get out in ways that would make Spider Man proud.

Yeah. Great.

Cut to me, envisioning the myriad of ways he could break his neck/arm/leg/other body part doing this without adult supervision. I could practically hear the gray hairs growing in.

That night, we had a battle of Supernanny proportions - I put him to bed at the usual time, but he decided to exercise his newfound freedom and kept getting out of his crib. Over. And over. This war of wills lasted until after 9PM...by then I thought that at least he'd get some sleep, maybe even sleep in a bit. Not so much.

Next morning, Boy Wonder decides it would be REALLY FANTASTIC to get out of bed and wake up mommy. At 4:30 in the morning. Tried putting him back to bed. He actually got out of bed quietly, went into the living room, and sat on the couch waiting for me to come snuggle. I heard him talking to himself about finding the remote, or I'd never have known. So he's apparently Harry Houdini's ninja cousin.

Fast forward to this evening....we finally got the baby's room cleaned out (mostly) - meaning my hubby did the brunt of the work and I just did some tidying afterward. This meant that the crib was moved out of the Boy Wonder's room and replaced with...


Whether from lack of sleep, worry over broken appendages, or just sheer insanity, we bit the bullet and put him to bed tonight in a regular, plain old twin bed.


You think it took? :-)

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maryb said...

Aww looks like all the crib hopping really tuckered him out.

Lauren S. said...

I am so jealous! My 20 month old will not sleep in his big boy bed (and the crib is now out of the question because he, too, climbs right out!).

mindy2780 said...

My daughter never figured out how to climb out of her crib until after she was in a big girl bed. But after a few weeks in the new bed she figured out she could get out of it and play. To solve the problem of her leaving her room at night we use a baby gate to keep her inside. We keep the baby monitor in her room and we can hear her if she needs us but she cannot get out of her room which makes me feel safer.