Jun 14, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - June 15, '09

Hard to believe it's already the middle of June! We're so focused on the baby's arrival in August that the summer already seems to be slipping by, and it's barely begun. It probably would be as bad if we didn't have SO much to do before my due date! I'm definitely in my nesting phase, I look around my house and all I see are projects for the Honey-do list :)

Last week was a good week overall, we stuck to the menu and even survived game night! I've got a lot of OAMC cooking on the docket for this week - most meals will be cooked double and half sent straight to cold storage! I don't always have time to set aside just for freezer cooking but I can always make doubles.

Here's our table for the week, don't forget to visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for TONS of other menus and ideas!

monday - Turkey Veggie Lasagna - OAMC Meal ($5.78 for 6 servings)

tuesday - Cheesy Kielbasa Bake - OAMC Meal ($6.87 for 6-8 servings)

wednesday - Grilled Cheese sandwiches, fruit salad ($4.50 for 4 servings)

thursday - Meatball subs, watermelon - OAMC meal ($6.50 for 4 servings)

friday - Orange Apricot Pork Chops, veggie, couscous - OAMC meal ($7.40 for 6 servings)

saturday - Homemade Pizza ($2.60 for 6-8 servings)

sunday - Dinner at the in-laws - Free!

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