Jun 19, 2009

OAMC update for June

Just wanted to post a quick update on the progress I've made in stocking OAMC meals this month - I still have to make the meatballs since they are on this week's menu but by week's end this will all be tucked away! I am still shooting for using 2 freezer meals per week so this should last me for quite a while, even if I lean more heavily on the freezer meals once the baby arrives.

Chicken Bombay - 2 meals worth
Spaghetti Pie - 4 pans
Turkey veggie Lasagna - one pan (2 dinners)
Cheesy Kielbasa Bake - one large pan (2-3 dinners)
Meatballs - 2 pounds (2-3 meals)

I am finding that it's definitely easier for me to assemble meals a bit at a time, instead of setting one full day aside for cooking. Doubling recipes that are already on the menu make the process go even faster, since I'm not adding much prep time and usually just spending 10-15 extra minutes assembling the pans for the freezer. This week, the lasagna and the Kielbasa bake each took only about half an hour to put together and I took care of the freezer portion while the fresh meal was baking. I know many OAMC cooks prefer to use regular pans, but I am finding that I prefer disposable foil pans and just stack them carefully in my freezer...I get them cheap enough at the Big Lots nearby and it's worth it to not have another pan to wash!

There are some awesome sales coming up on blueberries so I am going to try and add muffins and pancakes to the stash, which will come in handy for snacks and bleary-eyed breakfasts with an infant in the house :) I've got one more month to really build the stockpile before things get crazy, if anyone has favorite freezer dishes please feel free to share!!!

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Sarah663 said...

Just wanted to let you know that I made the Bombay Chicken last night...mmmm yummy flavor!

Julie said...

Once I get back in the swing of things, I think I will try the Bombay Chicken. I have a few recipes in my blog for OAMC. I planned to have a few more dishes in my freezer for when my baby came but he decided to come this week one month early. I'm thankful I have a few dishes in there since I know the next few weeks will be crazy. Good luck as you near the end.

Miss Tish said...

A frugal tip for the disposable pans - I was at Sam's Club today and they have a 30 pack of aluminum trays for $8.87 (they are called Steam Table Pans and they're 10"X12")! I'm usually excited when I can find these 2/$1 so this is an excellent deal! If you don't have a Sam's club nearby check out the other big box stores for a similar deal.

:) Thought I'd pass that along!