Jun 1, 2009

New posts coming..

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Ours was a little rough, I'm dealing with a little medical issue right now (don't worry, the baby is fine! Feels like it's training for Dancing with the Stars..) and haven't been able to post - I should be able to get my Shaw's and Stop & Shop matchups posted today and will hopefully have time to put together a menu!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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Lucy postpartumillness.com said...

I hope that you are feeling ok. I too had scary medical issues come up after having my baby a year ago. You should check out my about page at my site. If you need to chat you can email me personally. Ive learned a lot about the medical industry in the past 4 years.

If you want to vent and help other moms get through their stuff too, I have a Your Stories section where moms can swap stories about health, docs, illness etc after having a baby. It makes women feel better to see other going through the same thing.

Hope you are well,

Sweet Serendipity said...

Aw, hope all is looking up. Sending warm vibes you way :D

mindy2780 said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. Having any type of medical issue while pregnant is awful.

Tosha said...

So sorry you aren't feeling well:( I have been feeling kinda crumby myself the past few days. I think it's time to reschedule my appointment(they canceled on me).

Take it easy and just worry about taking care of yourself, we will be here when you are feeling better.