Apr 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Apr 5, '09

Man it has been a tough week! I barely did any meal planning last week at all and DEFINITELY missed it...We ate a lot out of freezer leftovers and I did a couple of quick meals but there was nothing spectacular. I am starting to feel a little more motivated so I have all of my menu planning done well ahead of time!

Part of that is because of my new-found interest in OAMC (once a month cooking) - because I'm planning some meals WAY ahead of time, I'm thinking more about what I DO want to cook and the MPM planning was actually much easier this week. Hopefully it's a trend that continues!

I have a ton of leftover turkey from making a 7-pound turkey breast last week, so I found a couple of new recipes that will help me use that up this week. Either of these recipes could be done with turkey or chicken! I don't have to cook AT ALL this weekend because of the holiday, so my kitchen will get some much-needed rest before I put it to task for freezer cooking :)

Here's what will be on our table this week, don't forget to visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for HUNDREDS of other menus!!

monday - Italian Chicken Skillet ($4.35 for 6 servings)

tuesday - Turkey and Veggie Lasagna ($6.45 for 6 servings)

wednesday - Ginger Chicken and sweet potatoes, couscous ($5.58 for 6 servings)

thursday - Country Turkey Cobbler ($2.27 for 6 servings)

friday - Homemade pizza ($2.54 for 6 servings)

saturday - early Easter Dinner with my dad (free!)

sunday - Easter dinner at the in-laws (free!)

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LittlePeopleWealth said...

Looks great :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzie

Just had a look around your blog. I'm 21wks pregnant with my 2nd too & so so tired. Started on iron last wk though so starting to feel the benefit. Your menu looks great. I've been seriously considering oamc too since discovering Once a month mom website last week. Well done you for getting started on it. I've been using the "I'm pregnant" excuse not to bother. You've inspired me to get a move on though.


Michelle said...

looks yummo!

Nicole Feliciano said...

A menu plan is a great way to save. I wanted to give you a link for a coupon for Clorox Green Wipes on my blog:


Lindsay said...

I made the Ginger Chicken and Sweet Potatoes this week too! how did you like it!?

SavvySuzie said...

We liked it a lot! I would probably add a little more ginger and garlic powder next time, the flavor was really subtle...but I got a thumbs up from everyone :)