Apr 2, 2009

Bulk cooking and bad blogging

OK, so this week I have been a baaad blogger. I put the boy to bed with the best of intentions and plans to write each evening, and then find myself passed out cold on the couch....oh the joys of pregnancy!!!

We actually underwent a big schedule change these last 2 weeks - hubby started 2 jobs and is now working a LOT more than before. We got used to having him around! The good news is, his income will put us back on track pretty fast....and did I mention that one of his jobs is at IKEA???? Helloooooo discount :)

I am really working on getting back to regular blogging, but the pregnancy is throwing me for a loop...this is the first time I've been so tired, and apparently heartburn is on the daily menu now. We had our level 2 ultrasound (because I am the ripe old age of 35 and considered "high risk") and everything was exactly as it should be...I am about 21 weeks, the baby weighs about a pound and has all necessary parts where they should be :) NO, we are not finding out the sex of the baby! Maybe I'll run a contest toward the end for guesses :)

If you HAVE read my last few posts, you've gotten a taste of my latest obsession...Once a Month Cooking. I'm still not ready to just plan a month ahead - I really like shopping the sales week to week and for me, planning the month seems a bit restricting. But the stars aligned, and there are BIG meat sales last week and this week at my grocery stores...which makes bulk cooking a reasonable prospect. The ladies over at Once A Month Mom are truly an inspiration, they make everything so simple! It's hard not to want to join in the fun...

So here's what I am going to attempt... I plan to gradually assemble the dishes through the next few weeks instead of doing one big cooking day...I'm not quite there yet! I figured that I only have to plan for 4 meals per week because I always do leftover night, we eat at my in-laws just about every week, and I would be disowned if I didn't make homemade pizza :) This should allow enough for about half frozen OAMC meals and half fresh cooked meals for the month!

Breakfast Burritos
Banana Sour Cream bread (from OAMM's February menu)
Choc Chip Cream Cheese Coffee Cake (April OAMM Menu)

Pizza roll-ups with pepperoni (OAMM March Menu)
(most of our lunches are leftovers, or made fresh, but these rollups were a hit!)

Enchiladas (since I have to buy tortillas for breakfast anyway)
Orange Apricot Pork Chops (no cooking - just assemble and freeze!-OAMM April Menu)
Chicken Cordon Bleu (since I will probably have leftover ham from Easter- OAMM April Menu)

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1 comment:

Tosha said...

You could try making your own tortillas with this recipe http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/homemade-tortillas-recipe/index.html

someone on a forum I frequent said it was super easy and tasty:)