Mar 3, 2010

Grocery Trips - week 8 '10

Last week was a weird shopping week, we were WAY over budget at $106.03 - I needed very little "regular" shopping items, but I did pick up part of my remaining OAMC shopping. That accounted for about $26 of the spending, and I'll make that up in March when we are eating mostly out of the freezer. I got SUPER lucky at BJ's, the day I was there they happened to have some ground beef that was close to the "sell by" date, it was 93% lean and marked down to $1.50/lb for quick sale! I picked up 8lbs, which will cover ALL of the beef dishes for my Once a Month Cooking.

The snag came when I decided to do a little "extra" shopping at Stop & Shop. I needed toilet paper, and they had the 12-pack double rolls of Angel Soft for 2/$11. A great deal when paired with the $0.50/1 coupons from the Angel Soft website, which doubled! But they also had Gorton's seafood products at half off, a great price AND I had coupons. My toddler loves fish but we can't always afford it, so I went for it. I also picked up 4 containers of ice cream to prepare for the Boy Wonder's birthday party this weekend, since they were also heavily marked down. I could have passed both these deals up, but I didn't (and I missed out on an extra $4 in savings because I didn't plan out my transactions correctly ahead of time - my own fault!). It just means I will have to be even MORE diligent through March.

The good news: my total spending for the month of February was $261.91 - while that was over budget, it was only $12 more than my max goal! The last OAMC shopping will fall on the first week of March and will drive that budget up a little...but if I plan well through March, things should look good by April 1st! Keeping fingers crossed :)

3lb bananas - $1.44
Foil lasagna pans - $7.99 (for OAMC)
8.2lbs 93% lean ground beef - $12.30 (for OAMC)
51oz can BJ's formula - $19.99
2 gal milk - $4.96
2 40-oz jars Skippy peanut butter - $7.79
3lb shredded cheddar cheese - $7.99 (most for OAMC)
BeechNut stage 2 dinners - $7.79 (while I figure out the homemade versions)
2 SodaStream soda mixes - $7.98 (we don't buy soda, we make it!)

Total: $79.23

Stop & Shop
4 containers Breyer's ice cream - $7.96 ($14 store savings)
4 pks Gorton's seafood - $10.06 (used $2 in coupons, $12.10 store savings)
2pks 12 double roll Angel Soft toilet paper - $9.00+tax (used $2 in coupons, $3.98 store savings)
used 5% off your order coupon from mailer - additional $0.74 in savings

Total: $26.80

This week I used $4 in coupons, and got $30.08 in store savings!

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