Dec 31, 2009

Goals for the new year...

What a year it's been! Moving, job security/insecurity/security, financial ups and downs, a new addition to the family, and lots of lessons learned (and money saved!) along the way - I'm so glad you all decided to come along for the ride! Hard to believe we're at the cusp of another new year so soon...

Erin over at 5 Dollar Dinners and a group of fabulous mommy bloggers have gotten together to create a new online community called Savvy Blogging - where experienced bloggers and new bloggers can go to learn, grow, and improve their skills! I am definitely on board with that, and when I saw they were doing a link-up for New Years goals, I had to add my two cents. (Did you know that writing your goals down drastically improves your chances of acheiving them?)

So here are some of my goals for the coming year:

1. Find and stick to a blog posting schedule I can live with. I am SO guilty of overcommitting myself! I want to be the blogger that posts several times a day, always with something witty and/or insightful to offer. But here's a reality check: I have a toddler and an infant, plus a husband with ADD and diabetes to manage. We both work outside the home, with busy schedules. And the laundry still won't do itself! I need to be realistic about what I can do in a week, and then stick to it - for myself and for my readers!

2. Finish the reference posts I've been putting off. There are many great frugal shopping blogs out there, and we all have our own methods for saving and shopping. I need to put my own methodology out there, because while it may be similar to some, there may be something different I'm doing that will help someone get closer to their own shopping goals.

3. Post all of my grocery shopping EVERY week. I know when I'm in budget, but it's not enough to just say that I've met goals...I need to show how I do it consistently! I plan to add a running monthly and yearly tally in my sidebar too.

4. Attend at LEAST one blogging conference! Having been to faith-based conferences, work conferences, and even our yearly trip to the Comics Convention, I know how powerful and motivating it is to meet en masse with other like minded folks. Time to get more deeply connected to the blogging community! I just need to find the right one, with a good mix of networking and learning opportunities.

5. Really sit down and figure out how to work ads, affiliate relationships, and other monetizing avenues into my blog without compromising it. Sure, I would love to make some pocket change from what I'm doing, but I don't want my blog to be a billboard with content as an afterthought. I need to figure out how to make monetizing work within the framework of my vision.

6. Finally buy a for-real domain name...this is long overdue, I know. But nowadays, it's a necessity, and I need to get on the train already!

7. Have the opportunity to write this post for 2011! 'Nuff said :)

Happy New Year!

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BenSpark said...

Great goals for the year. If you are to attend one blogging conference this coming year it has to be IZEAFest. So many fun people and great things to learn. Affiliate Summit is a good one too. There you will learn more on making money from your blog. IZEA will help you become a better blogger. We should co-host a tweetup at SOTP together.

Momstart said...

Good luck with your goals. I would love to read your methodology. I'm going to have to check out Erin's community. Her book is pretty good

Tracey said...

I'm enjoying reading everyone's blogging goals - and getting inspired to keep my own!! Happy New Year!!

Tia said...

Great goals! I need to focus and get mine on paper too. From one over-committed mom to another I wish you luck!

Heather @ MotivatedWAHM said...

These are really great goals. A lot of the same ones I have. :)