Jan 12, 2009

She's Baaaack :)

That's right - I am typing this post on MY computer in MY house! We got it back this afternoon and I am SO relieved :) Turns out it was a nasty virus that managed to sneak past McAfee, so we didn't lose any data other than programs that had been downloaded (Honey, that means keep your D&D programs to a MINIMUM now!). That alone was a huge relief and a wake-up call...if they hadn't been able to recover our data I'd have lost the Boy Wonder's entire first year of photos. We will definitely be investing in a flash drive or external HD to store the important stuff.

I'm going to try and get back in the swing of posting over the next day or two, so be patient while I fight through Pregnesia and try to write coherently :) Forgive me if I occasionally lose control of the English language...

I did some reviewing of our spending for the end of the year...it looks like I went about $75 over between November and December...not bad, considering that I took a few opportunities to stock my freezer and I'm poised to cook mostly out of the pantry for the next several weeks. But I definitely want to see those numbers improve!

On the preggers front, things are moving along swimmingly! We had our first doc's appointment this week, and it looks like Player #2 will be arriving around August 9th. This baby has decided to mess with my olfactory senses...beef smells rancid to me even when it's fine, and I can smell other people's dinner half a block away. That's me, SuperPrego! Able to eat a stack of grilled cheese as tall as a building. In a single bite. Yeah, it ain't pretty.

Before I ramble any further, thanks for sticking around! Glad to be back in the mix :)


Keely said...

Welcome back!

Are you going to turn into the $250 Mission when the phantom stranger arrives?

Jess @ NBP said...

Glad you're back Suzie.. u better jump on over to momdot... :) hehehe the nominations are going on again for the dotties.

Congrats again for baby number 2. I just recently reformatted my computer b.c of a nasty virus, luckily I was able to transfer pics and such to my hubs computer and then back.

Can't wait to get back into reading again. I've been wondering where you've been lately.

Tosha said...

welcome back! I think I might have a virus also.

SavvySuzie said...

@Keely - I *want* to keep the same budget...time will tell how much this litte superperson eats :)

@Jess - why, you wanna nominate me? hehehe :)

@Tosha - there's some nasties out there...computer works but I seem to have entered popup hell...might have to call the dudes back..oy.

Melissa said...

I'm glad to see you are back and were able to save things on your computer also! Look forward to reading your posts! Congrats on your new little bundle:)