Nov 14, 2009

Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats, why do you torment me?

I don't normally like to complain, but Frosted Mini Wheats, you have let me down once again.

I love your crunchy sweetness, and the way you hold just enough milk to whet my whistle during breakfast...but EVERY time I open one of your big yellow boxes, I know what's waiting for me at the end of the journey:

Photobucket That's almost 3/4 of an inch worth of Mini Wheat dust at the bottom of the bag...bound for the trash bin instead of my cereal bowl. Now, I completely understand that shipping and man-handling will cause SOME cereal to get damaged. But I also know that I can go to my local Price Rite, Stop & Shop, or even Wal-Mart and buy the generic store brand (for at least half the price) and get more ACTUAL CEREAL in the box.

I actually decided to take out ye olde food scale and see just how badly I was getting gypped:


Photobucket Do you see the dial? FOUR OUNCES. That was from a 24-oz box of cereal. One-sixth of my cereal was totally unable to be eaten - and at full retail price (about $3.75 per box), that means $0.62 of my hard earned dollar is flushed down the toilet. And we all know every penny counts!

Dear Kellogg's, take a cue from your generic competitors - SAVE THE CEREAL!!!

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Tosha said...

I hate that too. If you try to eat it you end up in a coughing fit:/

kathleen.eckler said...

Hi, this is Kathi with Kellogg Consumer Affairs. While 'fines' as we call them are an inevitable part of this type of cereal, we do want to address this issue, especially if it is on-going. Give us a call at 800-962-1413 (press 3 and then 1 after the intro) and we will get a coupon out to you. The Best If used By info is also very helpful to us to track this down. Or send us an email to

savvysuzie said...

I called the number they gave me and it just looped around to the main menu (I was calling in the evening so it might have been too late) To be safe I also emailed them, and emailed the info they requested from my box. Curious to see if anything comes of it...

Jennifer Leigh said...

So true! I notice a lot of companies are doing packaging tricks these days as well to cut cost.

I do however think its great that Kellogg's found your post that fast and offered assistance. Hope you get through!

SavvySuzie said...

Just an update - I received an email back from Kellogg's Consumer Affairs tonight, this is what they said:
"During the processing and packaging of our products many inspections are conducted to prevent damaged product from reaching the consumer. However, in the process of distribution, our shipping containers are sometimes subjected to rough handling which causes the package contents to be shaken and damaged without the package itself being crushed.
Please be assured your comments have been shared with our quality and manufacturing teams so they may take the appropriate action."

They did say they would be sending me out a coupon - which is great, but I may stick with my generic brands for now, at least I know what I'm getting :)

But if you notice a change in your mini-wheats, blame me!