May 27, 2009


Things they don't tell you about pregnancy: Sometimes, it makes your plumbing go absolutely haywire.

Things that a constipated pregnant woman should never have to deal with: an OB-GYN with crappy bedside manner.

I've been dealing with some LOVELY plumbing issues over the last few weeks, and it got really bad yesterday (complete with debilitating back pain)...I had a few conversations with my OB's office and tried everything they suggested, and the docs that I talked to were awesome, helpful and sympathetic. Even the head of the practice (my main doc) who happened to be on call at midnight and called me from home was reassuring and helpful. Both docs wanted me to go to the hospital if the problem persisted through today...which it did.

So I get to the hospital, and the OB who is working comes into my room and starts talking to me in the most condescending tone...why wasn't I taking something through my pregnancy (because my main OB - YOUR BOSS - didn't choose to have me do that). Why was I not seeing a GI specialist before I got pregnant (what does THAT have to do with helping me NOW??? Would you like me to perform a little time-travel trick or something?) I didn't come to the hospital because I had nothing better to do. It's not like I missed tucking my toddler into bed and my sister in law left her house to help me out for kicks and giggles, sister.

This lady was rude, condescending, and ended up totally not addressing my ACTUAL problem with anything productive - she told me to try one more over the counter remedy and call the office in the morning. So I'm being a good doobee, I'm following her suggestion and will DEFINITELY call the office tomorrow - and speak with my main OB (aka, HER BOSS) to let him know what happened. You'd think with something being an OB, they'd screen jerky people like that out.

All I can say is, if that woman is on call when I deliver, I will sooner swallow a family of angry weasels than let her near my birth canal.


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Felicia said...

OH no!!!! I can't believe how some people treat others! I had a horrible experience with an OB as well (not my main one). She was completely condescending!!

I hope you are feeling better soon!!! Congratulations by the way! When will you find out what you are having.. or are you going to find out? It looks like you are about 10 weeks?

SavvySuzie said...

Thanks! Actually that's a countdown - only 10 weeks left! We're due August 7th with a Baby Surprise :)

Amber! said...

What is her deal? I mean, c'mon! Sorry about that, hope she isn't the lucky winner to deliver your little one!