Jul 2, 2010

A "can-tastic" wedding!

Saw this today on MSN and just had to share - this WA couple is paying for their entire wedding with the proceeds from recycled aluminum cans - not only super frugal but also environmentally friendly!

Pete and Andrea have recycled 400,000 cans to raise the $3800 they needed to pay for their wedding day, collected by them and helped along with donations from a few organizations who caught wind of their plan. If you read the article, they are also using some great ideas to cut costs on their wedding and reception - having put on my own wedding for around $5000 a few years ago I know the value of DIY on your big day! He's having a friend who brews beer provide a couple of kegs for the reception, what a great idea!

Check out their website to see their progress, they are currently collecting more cans, both for their honeymoon and for a donation to Doctors without Borders and Rim Country Land Institute.

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1 comment:

El Bilson said...

That's crazy but good for them!